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Lockdown: Pause And Reset – A Runner’s Perspective

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Lockdown: Pause And Reset - A Runner’s Perspective

Lockdown is the buzzword today. It came too suddenly, without enough warning. Howsoever we may have seen it on the horizon, there was a certain amount of complacency within. Most of us didn’t anticipate to be in it, and thus were oblivious to what it would be if it all it was to happen. But now that it has, we are finding ways to handle it, and deal with the limitations and challenges it brings along. Everything is being redefined, with certain amount of coercion and even being garnished with a dash of helplessness. It is not only changing the way we live, which of course is still in its evolutionary stage, there’s a subtle effect on the way we perceive, react and comprehend. The canvass of thoughts has changed, the colours may be the same but the hues are different. We are all recalibrating our goals, reassessing our needs and rearranging our priorities. A sense of triviality with regard to many things, which otherwise appeared to be indispensable, is taking over. And no, we have not attained moksha yet, there’s a human soul still within us, which still craves of earthly pleasures, adulation and everything that brings us the elated state of amour propre.

So, what does one really need to do with the plethora of uncertainties around us? We know the phase is temporary, there will be life after this and certainly sooner than we know. In the timeline of our lives, this would be a phase looked back and talked about with fair amount of momentousness. But what is important is how we would come out of it. What we do now will be extremely detrimental on our days after lockdown. It is thus important that instead of letting our anxieties take over, we use this time to PAUSE, and RESET.

Lockdown: Pause And Reset - A Runner’s Perspective

The taper period will play an important role in your training schedule. It’s time to reassess, recalibrate and be reassured of the path we are at.

If I was to get a little myopic on this magnus nodus, what I see as a runner, the gravest of the situation is the inability to run. Should that really bother us, maybe not because we don’t even have a race coming up, not anytime soon for sure. Let us not forget why did we all started running at first place, just to stay fit. It was only when we got a little competitive and started participating in races that training plans came into our lives. So then let’s pause, and take a look at the primary motive, which was to stay fit. I am sure we would have plenty of options thrown at us. One can easily engage in reasonable physical activity and almost a full-blown workout in the confines of our homes. These workouts are surely sufficient by all means to not just give us basic fitness goals but serious amount of achievements.

While we focus on physical activity, let’s think of what important role does a taper period play in our training schedules. Theoretically it makes us race ready, but if we break it down to take a closer look, all that rest helps our muscles to recover, get in shape and get all raring for the big day. This period of tapered activity is extremely vital to enhance our abilities and unravel our true potential which does gets restrained by extensive workouts. It’s that little pause that brings out the best in us.

It’s the time off that we get from our routine, the mandatory and constrained view, that helps us look around and reassess our own decisions and how did we intend to achieve them. Now is exactly the time when we can, and need to do that. Bring all that has passed by, some noticed, some ignored, suffered or enjoyed, to the foreground, and see how did it all played out. Think of whether this was the path you wanted to cross, figure out if you may like to change any of it going forward. Use this time to revisit, not necessarily change, but just let yourself be reassured of which direction are you headed.

While you may not be doing all that you may wish to in your regular routine, but putting things in a reset mode, and staying engaged with a moderate amount of physical activity will ensure you are on top of your game and ready to bounce back just like a kitten. This time off is an opportunity for all of us, to step back, slowdown, let the air flow, let the birds sing and let all that we were rushing through be seen and understood. Let us reassess, recalibrate and be reassured of the path we are at. Let us PAUSE and RESET.

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Tarun Walecha

Tarun Walecha

Tarun Walecha has been running for more than ten years and has participated in 50 half marathons, 9 full marathons, and 14 trail/ultra runs. Instagram @ta.run_rw Twitter @tarun_rw

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