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Watch: Yoga Asanas For Lower Back Discomfort

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Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Discomfort

Lower back pain, sensitivity or stiffness is a common issue among most people. We go through it invariably at some point in our lives. While for some it is transient, others have an ongoing mild discomfort, and in some, a certain activity can trigger a spasmic pain, catch, pull etc.

Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain

  • Muscle strain caused after heavy lifting
  • Intense exercising or your workout routine  
  • Carrying a heavy bag 
  • Your posture while sitting 
  • Overweight or inactivity 

We can equip ourselves to prevent pain in the lower back or alleviate ourselves while having discomfort by doing the following simple asanas safely with proper inhalation and exhalation. Try it and empower yourself.

To Avoid Lower Back Pain

1. Stand always with your legs hip distance apart.

2.When you have to bend forward, always do so with your legs slightly bent.

3. Try not to exaggerate the lower back arch by pushing the abdomen out when standing or sitting down.

4. If you feel discomfort in the lower back when sitting on the floor, place a cushion to support the tail bone.

5. Hydrate yourself as 80% of the cartilage material that cushions the bones of the spine is made of fluid and this needs to be nourished constantly with good hydration.

6. Good posture always supports healthy lower back.

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Midhuna Somasundaram

Midhuna Somasundaram

Athlete at school, national-level rower, cyclist and a yoga acharya. Follow her on Instagram: @yoga_svasa.

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