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Watch: A 20-Minute Yoga Routine To Get You Started On International Yoga Day

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Get Ready for International Yoga Day 2020 with Deepa Hedge

Life these days is a massive juggling act. A juggle between multiple priorities and commitments. Whether you are a working professional with a hectic social life or a stay-at-home mum ensuring your home functions like a well-oiled unit or a student trying to cope with endless assignments and deadlines, almost everyone is multi-tasking and hustling. There is a certain thrill in living life on the fast lane – accomplishing and acquiring, yet in no time, this buzz can leave you drained if you are not able to take time off regularly. Taking time off to unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate our nerves are essential in order to function better and become more productive.

In present times, our sympathetic nervous system is on an overdrive. Simply put, the “fight or flight” response mechanism in our body is trained to be on alert all the time. It’s like a car engine that never shuts down. Imagine what that can do to our bodies!

Bearing this in mind, it is important we learn to invest in our well-being. And this investment begins with taking time out for yourself. Not for social media, not to catch your favorite series on Netflix or hold endless WhatsApp conversations. This time is taken to slow down and focus on being present with yourself. To understand what’s happening within your body and mind. And one of the best ways to begin is to gift yourself some time for self-practice.

This 20-minute yoga routine has been designed specifically for days when life is expected to be a flurry of activities and one needs a quick yet holistic workout that involves deep breathing, relaxing the joints and muscles as well as strengthening the nervous system by improving spinal health.

This sequence is a simple, basic practice for all levels and can be safely done at home. It includes seven movements of the spine in all possible directions, provides a good massage to all the digestive organs and maintains their robustness. If time permits, one is free to increase the rounds of Kapalabhati (active exhalations), sun salutations as well as other movements and postures.

Points To Note

● Start with at least 2 minutes of deep abdominal breathing and end with at least 2-3 minutes of relaxation in Shavasana (corpse pose). A yoga practice without Shavasana is not a complete practice.

● This 20-minute sequence can be practiced anytime during the day. Although an early morning or evening (sunset) practice is optimal.

● Keep an empty stomach prior to practice or a gap of at least 90 minutes after your meal.

● Most importantly, if possible, maintain a daily practice. If not, then at least 3-4 times a week for optimal benefits.

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Deepa Hegde

Deepa Hegde

Deepa Hegde has been an avid yoga practitioner since 2014 and a yoga instructor since 2017. She is also a student of Ayurveda and Vedic chanting. Follow her on Instagram @ahamdeepa.

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