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Watch: Total Relaxation Yognidra Video By Dr Sunita Godara

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Get Full Body Relaxation with Yoga Tips

Difficulty Level – Beginner

Duration – 5 mins

As an international marathon runner I used to practice this relaxation technique which is very helpful for your overall wellness. It helps you to overcome stress, depression & hypertension, to get sound sleep, to build positivity in life. This exercise is recommended for all age groups.

  1. Lie down on your mat in a pose that you are comfortable with. It can be Shavasan or Sleeping child pose. 
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Keep your hands a little away from your body 
  4. Relax your full body one by one relax your each body part from bottom to top (as per instructions in the video)
  5. Keep your body completely relaxed and loose 
  6. Concentrate on your breathing 
  7. Imagine and feel by breathing in your taking fresh energy from head to toe.
  8. Concentrate on your thoughts and affirm yourself – I am Healthy, I am Active, I am Hardworking, I can do whatever I decide to do, I have strong will power, I am committed, I am strong (as per instructions)
  9. Concentrate on 3 positive thoughts that you want to do for yourself, for your family or for the society 
  10. Slowly and gently open your eyes
  11. Move your fingers
  12. Move your legs and toes
  13. Come back to sitting position and do palming and touch your eyes. 

If you have any questions, you can ask us in our forum with experts like Dr. Sunita Godara

Sunita Godara

Sunita Godara

Marathoner Dr Sunita Godara has an enviable track record. She has completed 76 full marathons (42.2km) till date and won 25 golds, 12 silvers and 13 bronze medals in events held across 26 countries and has covered a total of 130,000 km. She won the 1992 Asian marathon championship. In the international arena, she has participated in marquee events such as Boston, Berlin & London marathons. She holds the record of the only Indian winning the maximum number of international marathons, having won in Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Egypt, and Holland. Follow her on Instagram: dr.sunita_godara

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