Make This Year About Fitness With 20 Minutes Of Running

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With a new year comes newer goals, some all too familiar to us, like fitness. Fitness has probably been a constant goal for many of us. Creating calendars, joining a new gym, looking for a yoga or aerobics class are probably common patterns you see at the beginning of a new year. If you’ve felt this energy slowly dies down as the year progresses, then you’re not alone. For people who can relate, here are a group of people who bring the new year energy all year round.
20 Minute Of Running is a worldwide fitness movement aimed at encouraging people to run, walk or jog all year round. The movement has ten challenges that span out over the year 2020, with a monthly participation fee. It is designed to make sure that the participants aren’t bound by location, distance or speed to take part in the challenges. The aim is to get people out and give fitness a try from wherever they are. It is a way to make you go out and run and build a habit by doing so.

Participation is open to people from any part of the country where there are running ambassadors who motivate you to include fitness throughout the year. Completion of each challenge earns you a medal and running 4 or more such challenges can earn you a Grand Slam title. What’s more, you get to be part of an enthusiastic running community, especially if you need that constant motivation.

“It has been proven that if you do a task repetitively, you form a habit, and after some days, it just becomes part of your life. Running every day, for 20 Minutes, achieves exactly that. Running will become a part of your life, with very little chance that you will come out of this with a wonderful new habit” says the global head of 20 MoR, Mukesh Mishra.

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If running or jogging is already part of your daily routine, then you can also join the challenge as an Ambassador. The movement’s first challenge begins on 4th January 2020 and registrations for the same close on 3rd January, 2 pm.

Log on to their website to register as a participant or ambassador.

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