In Conversation With Rahul Sharma At The Tata Mumbai Marathon

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In December 2013 Rahul Sharma left his job as a pharmacist and dedicated his time to understanding the science behind an athlete’s training. He then began his career as a coach, which only meant growth from there. Training others soon motivated him to start organizing races and create Fit gyms for children.
In conversation with Rahul Sharma, Founder of CYRUNS.

Tell us more about CYRUNS
CYRUNS aims to include fitness and training in people’s everyday schedules, which can be achieved through running, cycling, or swimming, which gave us the brand name CY- cycling, RUN – running, and S – swimming. We focus on corporate employee fitness and health and fitness coaching. We also contribute much of our time to developing children’s fitness through our CYRUNS fit kids program. We have a dedicated team of fitness trainers and coaches who aim at improving your overall good health. We also conduct Virtual runs that connect Indian runners from across the globe. One such event is India Running Day in August, where Indians from around the world take part in the Virtual run.

Tell us more about the CURYNS fit kids program.
The fit kid’s program is a gym that is exclusive to children aged between 7-17 years. The idea behind curating a children’s only gym was the though that we invest so much in them when it comes to studies or extracurriculars, but we inadvertently miss fitness and thus the importance of learning it in life. We noticed this gap and decided to fill it up with CYRUNS fit kid training. These days we see most adults seek out fitness through gyms with little idea of how the equipment work or what is the right way of doing an exercise. This is why it’s essential to teach them from a young age to understand different bodyweight exercises and respond to their body’s needs and endurance. It’s hard to forget what you learn as a child, which makes it the best time to teach good habits, like fitness and exercising.

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How do you plan on connecting with runners at TMM?
TMM is the best amalgamation of runners and fitness enthusiasts from around the country. We are here to launch our virtual series, one of them being the Indian running day, where more than 27 countries participate with 423 cities and 25k + runners. We create oneness just simply by uniting Indians from across the world to take part. For example, we have 200 Indians running the India running day in Tanzania. Through TMM we want Indian runners to know that they won’t be alone from whichever part of the world they are in.

What is your resolution 2020?
Our resolution for 2020 is to challenge beginners and elite runners to complete a distance of 2020 km through running, walking or cycling. The message we want to convey is that fitness is a lifestyle and shouldn’t be based just on one event or race. It should be part of your daily activity and something you cannot do without.

You can have a look at everything CYRUNS does here.

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