Are you geared to run the Woodland Ultra Half?

woodland ultra marathon
Running at the world’s highest elevation is not something you want to miss as an avid runner, so you need to get onboard the Woodland Ultra Half.
On October 4th 2019, two hundred runners will take to running a half marathon at the highest elevation from Kibber Village in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India. At an elevation of 5939m or 19600 ft above mean sea level, these runners will conquer a course of 21km and 10km for the very first time.
The 21km category is by invite only to some of the best runners in India and the 10km is an open category for runners who are up for the challenge. Designed by ace ultrarunner, Kieren Dsouza, the course will present some unexpected challenges for runners due to the elevation. Race designer Dsouza is part of the Indian national team and has represented the country at trail world championships, UTMB, Spartathlon, HK100, Yading Skyrun, Eiger Ultra and several other prestigious trail running and sky-running events internationally. The race is presented by 4Play Adventure Sport and Travel Media Company and the race director is Sukrit Gupta, a runner, ice climber and adventurer. He also spearheads the Screwed Up Festival – India’s first frozen waterfall climbing festival and Climax Film Tour – India’s premier adventure film tour.
Since its a high altitude race on a mountaineering peak, the safety of all participants is managed by Pranav Rawat and Bikat Adventures. Pranav is among the first people to cross self-supported, 950kms of Western Himalayas over 30 high altitude passes in 40 days. He is also a UIAA (united int. alpine association) certified Himalayan alpine guide, wilderness first responder and ice climber. Bikat Adventures is one of India‘s premium outdoor travel company.
If you require more information click here and if you want to be one of the privileged 100 who runs this iconic race then head over here to register

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