5 tips to help you recover fast after cycling race

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Recovering from a road race is an important component of your overall training plan when you’re a cyclist. If you don’t take steps to properly recover from your bike race, you can increase your risk for injury. And you may even limit your participation in upcoming races.

1. Cool Down:

For a few minutes, continue spinning slowly after you’ve throttled your legs with a hard ride. The blood vessels in your legs were expanding during your race. So, stopping suddenly will result the blood to stay in place like pools of water. This can make you lightheaded and minimizes your body’s ability to get fresh blood in and metabolic waste out.

2. Use Compression socks:

Compression socks, can help reduce swelling, fatigue and muscle soreness after an intense bike ride.

Since calf muscles is called your second heart because it shepherds blood back to your chest, so compression socks are highly recommended  as they accelerate that process, which in turn improves blood oxygen levels and a good recovery.

3. Stay hydrated:

Never forget to hydrate your body after race. Dehydration delays recovery process.

Quick tips?

Protein content drinks like chocolate milk is a good recovery drink. Even plain water or some electrolyte content of water also sounds good. Also other fancy Sport drinks are also fine.

4. Increase Protein Intake:

Eating a lot of protein boost the muscle recovery process. Protein is necessary for your recovery. Have a high protein snack or shake into your system after the ride to accelerate your muscle repair.

A high-protein-content meal includes fish, chicken, beef or nuts. Having a solid meal helps in decreasing muscle damage and fastens recovery speed

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5. Fuel up with rest:

Sleep is healing. Rest is essential for your restoration and muscle recovery

Your muscle-building hormones surge as you sleep which is needed for restoring. Researchers says, Try to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night with addition of half an hour power nap during day time which plays a vital role in recovery.

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