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The One Exercise that will make you a Stronger Runner

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dead lifting in the gym

If you haven’t been doing deadlifts, you’ve been missing out on a lot at the gym. Protima Tiwary talks about why you need to start deadlifting more.

Deadlifts, known as the king of all lifts, help you become a stronger athlete, and it’s high time we appreciated the exercise instead of fearing it. In this article, Protima Tiwary talks about the benefits of this exercise to runners.

Did you know? The deadlift is a natural body movement that is also the purest measure of our strength? Have you seen babies picking up things from the ground? Their form, in fact, is perfect for a deadlift! We are born with the ability to deadlift, and as far as strength is concerned, it’s easy- you can either lift the weight off the ground or you cannot.

Before we talk about the benefits of this exercise to runners, let’s look at the overall reasons that make deadlifts the best exercise there is-

  • Deadlifts are a full body workout that helps tone your arms, legs, core, back and chest, all together.
  • Deadlifts help improve grip strength
  • Deadlifts help you tone almost every muscle in the body
  • Deadlifts help improve core strength drastically
  • Contrary to popular belief, deadlifts help improve lower back strength

So why should you be doing deadlifts?

Deadlifts work your entire body.

Deadlifts target all the muscle groups in a single lift, which means your hamstrings, glutes, quads, hips and lower back are all being targeted together. Not only does this help save time, but also improves strength and helps increase metabolism (which in the long run is also great for fat loss) Deadlifts are also more effective for your glutes and quads as compared to only squats, and have been proved to show faster results.

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Deadlifts help build strength

Since you’re using muscles on both the front and back of your body, deadlifts help improve strength much faster than doing exercises that are targeted to single muscles. They leave you feeling strong, fit and confident! Most importantly, they leave you with strong glutes and hamstrings.

Deadlifts help improve posture

Since deadlifts are working on the back, they help tone the muscles that improve your posture. Incorporate deadlifts and slowly notice how to learn to walk straight, without rounded shoulders and a hunched back. Most importantly, they help you hold on to your strong running form for a longer time.

Deadlifts help prevent injury

Contrary to popular belief, deadlifts improve lower back strength and decrease the stress on the joints of the entire body, thus helping you stay protected from injuries. This is assuming your deadlift form is correct.

Deadlifts help you gain strength to perform daily tasks

Deadlifts are not only about looking good- they help improve strength that makes it easier for you to perform your daily tasks. You will find yourself capable of carrying a heavier load, lifting things with ease, and generally being more active.

Deadlifts help avoid knee pain

If you’re a runner, it’s quite possible that your quads are taking up all the load, which in turn is increasing the pressure on your knees, leading to knee pain. Deadlifts fire up your glutes and hamstrings, thus forcing your quads to now play the supporting role.

As a runner, we recommend you to learn all about the good deadlift technique and start adding deadlifts into your training. Find a qualified coach who can make sure you’re doing things right, start light, and practice great form. Deadlifts will make you a better runner, and leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more confident!

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