How to perform better in exercise while on a diet

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You are not alone if you thought that guilt may be triggered by overeating and prompt you to work out to lose extra weight.
A recent study argues that limiting daily food intake might increase the hormone level of Ghrelin also called as the “Hunger hormone”.

As per Scientist Yuji Tajiri in the Kurume University in Japan, Ghrelin is proven to stimulate metabolism of human body. The endocrine system which secretes this hormone improves endurance and help fulfill the human body’s need of consuming energy efficietly during a period of exercise or high endurance activities. These results imply that obese people could be helped by diet restriction such as fasting or limiting food consumption. It has dual benefits of reducing calorific intake and also simultaneously boosting endurance levels to undertake high fitness activities.Therefore, maintaining a healthy eating regimen, as well as following regular mealtimes or fasting will provide better results for overweight people.

The effects of Ghrelin were discovered in the tests carried out in Kurume University.The study team completed the analysis in mice to demonstrate the link between hormone and exercise levels. 2 batches of mice were used in test to compare the effects of Ghrelin. One batch was given free access to food while another batch was restricted in terms of the meals timings and portion offered. Subsequent actions and food ingestion were compared. It had been found that although both the batches consumed an identical amount of meals, the restricted mice were active and ran significantly longer in wheel treadmill than the mice that were granted free access. This research clearly established the existence of a connection between endurance levels and Ghrelin hormone.

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The study concludes that better diet management, including restricting food intake into mealtimes or fasting, could help overweight people to effectively shed weight and protect themselves from heart ailments and other diseases like diabetes.

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