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Simple steps to transform your body

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Body transformation is one of the toughest journey’s one can embark on but if one can stay committed to a simple plan then nothing is impossible. 


Taking the first step towards transforming your body is always the hardest. At times even if you’re ready you might not be aware of where to start. Here are a few simple steps that will help you get going to achieve a successful transformation.

Establish a starting point

The first step is to get a clear idea of your starting point which is to complete a comprehensive body composition assessment. The assessment would involve:

  • Recording body weight
  • Measuring your navel and hip circumferences
  • Estimating your body fat percentage
  • Taking pictures (front, back, and side)

Write down your goal & set a deadline

Writing down your goals will create a moment of self-actualization and help create realistic goals. Get detailed about what you want to achieve so you can better visualize what you want. Put aside 12 weeks to see a complete transformation as this is the longest time that the majority of people take to commit before they need a break. It might seem hard to stay committed for that period but use it to fuel your motivation and stay focused on your transformation. Being disciplined and paying attention to detail is also equally important here.

Have a plan

Create a training plan as well as a nutrition plan that details everything you need to do so you stick to the process and not deviate which is essential for your success. By doing this, your avoiding an opportunity to give yourself excuses to not do something or any bad food choices that may affect your transformation. A good plan is one that you can sustain so keep it real and one that is personal to you.

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Understand your macronutrients and calorie needs

Before you get down to losing fat and get leaner you need to understand the basics about nutrition such as how much should be your calorie intake, understand what are macronutrients, are you calorie deficit(shortage in the number of calories consumed relative to the calories required to maintain current body weight), etc. Change in your body composition largely comes down to eating an adequate amount of calories to fuel your training but at the same time putting your body in a caloric deficit allowing the body to lose fat at a steady rate.

The time to start is now

Often the most common excuses we make is to push it for a later date like saying ‘I’ll start from Monday’ when in reality Monday never comes! Start on the day you feel is right for you if you’re serious about making a change but don’t wait too long.

Once steps 1 to 4 are done, you now need to take action which is the difference between being that person that always finds excuses and the one who is committed to transforming your body. So, make yourself accountable and start now.

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Deepthi Velkur

Deepthi Velkur

Deepthi Velkur is a former sprinter who is trying her hand at various sports today. A tennis fanatic, who believes that sleep should never be compromised.