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Children and Sports

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children and sports

Moving kids away from the gadgets and into the field to enjoy sports is quite a task and Kinder Fitness says they know how to provide the right platform for this.

Nearly every parent you meet has this to say, “I wish my child spent more time playing outside as opposed to watching TV!”.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced digital world, our children spend far too much time on mobiles and other gadgets. As they grow up, this behaviour will only lead to serious adverse effects on their health.

The need of the hour is to find constructive ways for them to burn off their energy and build their interest in an activity that could provide lifelong benefits.

Their enthusiasm and spontaneity should be channelized in a better manner.

Just when we think all hope is lost, a group of diverse professionals are paying more attention to the problem and looking at possible solutions to create awareness of sports and fitness among little children.

Enter Kinder Fitness. The key mantra and core mission of Kinder Fitness is: “A fun multi-sport program designed to introduce children (aged 1.5 years to 6 years) to the wonderful world of sports and building their core agility, and motor skills while also improving overall health”.

In addition to our core mission, we also set up organized sports to help children learn teamwork skills. These programs are designed to provide the added benefit of playing with other kids of their age group and this, in turn, aids the development of social skills. Our classes employ techniques to ensure that they learn to listen, follow the rules and build their overall confidence. In essence, we hope to build discipline for life.

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Our well-rounded curriculum is designed keeping the age group in mind and skills are taught in the most fun way possible.

So, Why Sports?

In all our research we found that sport is one of the most important learning environments for kids, especially in their early years. Apart from the obvious health benefits that sports provide it also provides a host of other benefits. These benefits can be broken down to show the actual impact that it has on kids.

The Basics: From building stamina and endurance to posture, to developing motor skills and agility, we monitor their overall progress throughout the program.

Short Term Benefits: One of the important short-term benefits of the program is to introduce them to various sports including soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball, and cricket. By the end of the program, we assess the inclination of the child towards any specific sport. Post our basic sport program, this assessment can help parents decide on moving the kid into a focused sports program.

Long Term Benefits: There is also an array of benefits that sports offer such as the development of self-confidence which kids develop when they are encouraged or recognized when they play well. As a part of any team sports, kids also learn their first lessons in character and morals through principles formed as a part of fair play. Another important aspect of development is that of building leadership qualities. One of the biggest life lessons they will learn is teamwork. Playing a team sport encourages the kid to collaborate, work alongside their friends and communicate to achieve something apart from building camaraderie and friendship.

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Some of our programs also teach mentoring at a very young age. We also have a couple of activities that tag the 5-6-year old kids with 3-4-year-old kids. The little kids learn from the older ones and the older ones learn to be more patient with the little ones. They feel a sense of pride in teaching the younger ones. Such activities have far-reaching impacts for the older kids who also may be an older sibling.

Program Design.

Based on a whole gamut of research and consultations with specialists including Pediatricians, sports consultants, and psychologists, the Kinder Fitness team came up with a sports program curriculum that includes Recommended, Intermediate, Basic and Minimal. The programs last between a quarter/half yearly/1 year and 2 years.

  • Recommended sports program lasts 2 years where we go through the course of all the agility programs and a solid foundation of introduction to all the eight sports.
  • Intermediate Program lasts for 6 months to a year where we focus more on skill sets.
  • Minimal program takes the kids through an initial round of teaching the kids all the basics skillsets and the eight sports and lasts 3 -6 months.

In terms of focused sports, these programs are designed for kids that go through our complete Recommended Program for 2 years and are of a minimum 5 years of age. In our experience and research, we have found that Kids show an inclination for any sport only after 5 years of age.

Overall, every program is designed to engage the kids in a fun way to ensure that sports become a part of their life and sets the foundation for a lifelong inclination towards sports.

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Kinder Fitness

Kinder fitness was founded by a group of technology professionals and fitness freaks with the aim to create awareness of sports and fitness among the little children.