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10 Minute No Equipment Abs Workout

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For every athlete, the abs or the core is a vital muscle as it holds the body up-right. A strong core can ease muscle usage in the rest of your body, thus creating an athlete’s durability.

Add a quick ab workout to your schedule or after a run to build your core.

Flutter Kicks

  • Lie down on a mat with your legs a few inches off the mat and your hands under your glutes. 
  • Flutter your legs as would while swimming in backstroke for about 45 seconds.

Plank Pushes

  • Begin in a forearm plank position.
  • Place your left arm on the ground and lift your entire body up to a high plank position.
  • Repeat for about 45 seconds.

Mountain Climber

  • Begin in a high plank position.
  • Bring your left knee to your left arm while keeping your back straight the whole time.
  • Repeat with the other knee.
  • Continue this position for a 45-second set.

Russian Twist

  • Sit on the ground with your feet stretched out in front of you.
  • Lift your leg up to chest level, with a slight bend in your knees.
  • Hold your hands together in front of you and slowly move it to your left hip.
  • Bring your hands in front of you slowly and then move them to the right.
  • Continue for 45 seconds to finish a rep.

Beast Hold

  • Start with being on all fours.
  • Gently lift your knees a few inches of the ground and hold this position for 45 seconds.

Hip Bridge 

  • Lie on your mat with your knees bent and feet firm on the ground.
  • Rise your hip above the ground as to form a straight line from your knees to shoulders. 
  • Hold this position for 45 seconds.

Perform each of these exercises with a 15-20 second rest time in between. Beginners can start by doing 3 sets and then increase to 5.

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