Climbing stairs – A simple yet effective solution for weight loss

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If you are looking for a straightforward yet effective exercise to lose weight, add climbing stairs to your fitness routine. It is not only a vital exercise for inducing weight loss, but it also helps in improving concentration, strength, and endurance that enhances your body balance. If you are a beginner, this workout might appear dull, so start at a slow pace as it involves a lot of strength to perform.

1. Climbing stairs quickly makes you sweat and allow you to burn calories, thus helping rapid weight reduction.

2. It is a great cardio exercise that can get your heart pumping. Apart from enhancing heart, it also helps in normalizing your blood pressure levels and improves blood circulation.

3. It engages multiple leg muscles and works on glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Thus it is more effective in achieving lean muscles and burning fat than running, walking or jogging on a flat surface. 

4. It pumps blood from your system and reduces the level of stress hormone. It triggers your adrenaline rushes and gives a boost to your mood as well as strength.

5. It improves balance and stamina. It is a useful exercise for strengthening body equilibrium as it involves muscles that act as a stabilizer for your ankle foot. The workout supercharges your energy levels, followed by a couple of cramps and muscular pull throughout the initial stages.

Learn exactly how to climb stairs as any exercise shows good results only when performed with the right technique and also helps to avoid injury. Make sure that your back is straight and you are not hunching down.Start using a slow tempo. You can perform five sets of 20 or 25 and increase the number of repetitions eventually as you get familiar with the exercise speed up. Avoid climbing measures at the start.Wear well-fitted shoes to avoid injury.It is recommended for people who have arthritis or any other inflammatory illness, to consult a physician first before, including climbing stairs in their workout routine.

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