Books From 2019 That Every Runner Should Read

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Exclusive sports books to read for runners

Here is a list of books from 2019 we think every runner must read at least once.

Born to Run Book for Runners in 2019

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen 

Written by American author and journalist Christopher McDougall, Born to Run is said to be 2019’s most influential running book. The book delves inside Mexicos Indeginuous reclusive tribe called Tarahumara in the Mexican Copper Canyons. It covers more than just running, but science, stories and culture as well leaving the reader nothing short of inspired. It challenges what you thought you knew about running and introduces you to a lost art- The art of running for miles without rest or the best Nike shoes to wear and enjoying every moment of it. 


Running Home - Book for Runners in 2019

Running Home: A Memoir

Katie Arnold is an author and contributing editor to Outside Magazine. In the book, she expresses her physical grief triggered by her fathers’ unfortunate death, which led to her finding solace in solo running. Through her words, you vicariously feel like chasing away the darkness from your life only to find the light.  


26 Marathons - Book for Runners in 2019

26 Marathons: What I’ve Learned About Faith, Identity, Running, and Life From Each Marathon I’ve Run

Four-time Olympian, winner of the Boston and New York City Marathon and Olympic Medal winner, Meg Keflezighi writes about his journey through his 26 marathons and what he learned from each one of them. The book takes you through every hill, bend and curve that made the races a learning experience. The book address not just professional athletes and runners but beginners who want to make running a part of their lives. 


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Underdog - Book for Runners in 2019

Underdog – Kim Conley & the Making of an Unexpected Olympian 

This book covers the stunning story of Kim Conley, from her ordinary college running career to the fireball on the track that we now see. The book pays attention to the runners’ career and her ‘underdog’ moments that have come to define her as the professional that she is today. 

The Rise of the Ultra Runners - Book for Runners in 2019

The Rise of the Ultra Runners: A Journey to the Edge of Human Endurance

The book opens up to the world of ultrarunning and it’s growing popularity. Award-winning author Adharanand Finn writes about the extremities that ultra-marathon runners go through and the feeling of self-achievement after successfully completing one. The book is a perfect blend of history and personal anecdotes that can be appealing to runners and non-runners alike. 

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