Alia Bhatt’s Intense Workout Routine Can Inspire Us All To Hit The Gym

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Did you miss out on Alia Bhatt’s vlog about her weight loss journey? We’ve got you covered! Here’s what the B-town queen’s fitness routine looks like.

Alia’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to fitness enthusiasts. In her recent vlog, she shared her everyday fitness routine, already motivating people to become fit and follow a stringent workout regime just like this hardworking actress’s. Her transformation followed her debut in B-town, setting her off to be one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry. Her recent vlog on one of her training sessions with her trainer¬†Sohrab Khushrushahi compiles everything that you would like to know about Alia’s fitness secret.

In one of her earlier videos, she spoke about sipping on hot water with lemon throughout the day. This healthy habit not only aids weight loss but regularises your metabolism.

Alia’s workout routine
“Not only the weight training but Pilates and occasional Badminton is also part of my fitness routine,” said Alia. As her trainer entered, they discussed on the actress’s focus area for the day. They start with leg training, and she continues by adding a disclaimer to the viewers, telling them not to perform these exercises without trainer supervision.

Here is her complete workout.
Alias routine starts with alternates between weighted back squats, sprinting, a minute on the rowing machine, and a ski. She ends this set by skiing for a minute, almost 10 rounds with terrific intensity.
The last set includes 10 squats, 5 hostage jumps and 10 more squats with 45 sec of skipping mountain climbing, and 5 gorilla hops. She ended the workout with a backward bear crawl and a minute of plank hold along with her trainer.

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A routine with such intensity is sure to show you results. It is important only to practice these in the company of a trainer. Exercising the wrong way can cause you serious harm in the long run and must be avoided at all costs.

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