5 Tips To Help You Get On Your Feet And Out For A Run In The Morning

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Waking up in the morning for a run or a workout is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. However, most people do prefer early morning workout routines for several reasons. It’s easier to fit in your daily schedule or probably keeps you more active the rest of the day or even the fact that there is much lesser traffic on the road. But let’s face it – waking up early in the morning can still be very challenging for a few of us!
But if you really want to become a morning person, then there’s definitely something you can do about it. Follow some of these tips for some early morning motivation to help you get out of bed and hitting the road in no time.

Take it slow

If you want to start an early morning workout routine, which is something you’re not used to, then it’s best to start slow. In theory (and in practice), it helps to wake up half an hour earlier for the first few days and then gradually increase that duration. Waking up a whole hour the first time might set you back the rest of the day or even demotivate you from waking up early the next day.

Keep your clothes ready

Take out your workout clothes and set them close to your bed the previous night. This makes it easier to access in the morning, and let’s face it, once you get in them, it’s unlikely that you’d remove it and head back to bed.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate!

The quickest and most natural thing to help you wake up in the morning is water, or even better mint and lemon infused water. The refreshing drink should restore hydration balance almost immediately. Keep a bottle next to your bed the previous night, so you access it easily.

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Skip that podcast and pick up a book

Avoid all distractions that might stall you from sleeping early. This could be the TV or browsing endlessly on social media (especially the latter). Shut off by 8 pm and read a book instead! Even as little as 6 minutes of reading before bedtime reduces stress and clears your mind, preparing your body for sleep.

Pat yourself on the back

Self-encouragement is the best form of encouragement! Reward yourself on the very first day, even if you intended to wake up much earlier than you did. Keep your favorite (need we say healthy) snack waiting for you in the fridge, or a new brand of coffee you’ve been meaning to try. Remember, you can’t have it if you don’t get up. This should motivate you enough to skip that snooze button.

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