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Not losing weight despite running every day?

When you seem to be trying everything but aren’t getting a result, Sowmya Ganesh will answer those niggling questions that are hindering your weight loss progress.


Fitness enthusiasts swear by it, trainers recommend it, doctors advice it. And we, fresh into fitness, hope to jump on the bandwagon with the promise of weight loss. However, many of us don’t often understand that weight loss won’t always be the result in the long run, pun intended. You could be an avid runner with a daily disciplined running routine and still face challenges at the end of the week on the weighing scale. Why so? Because we sometimes fail to realise that exercise and diet go hand in hand. Based on your body type and metabolism, a mere running activity will not assure complete transformation. We need to change not only our eating habits but also our attitude towards eating right to lose the weight we want.

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Derek Redmond’s Emotional 1992 Olympic Story

An unfortunate mid-race injury during the Barcelona 1992 Olympics couldn’t stop Derek Redmond from winning hearts

This video shows the unforgettable and extra-ordinary story of Great Britain’s 400 m runner Derek Redmond, whose hamstring snapped during his event but was determined to finish the race at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.

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Women safety while running in India

You might have heard a lot of stories and read many articles about the safety of woman while running in India. But have you ever tried to implement any steps to ensure your safety? If yes then great but if no then don’t worry, as we are here to help you follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your safety. If you are reading this then without a doubt you too like us are passionate about running. We are sure that many of you might be training for the upcoming Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the Bangalore Ultra. And you might be practicing your run in the nearby park or roads, isn’t it? During your run it becomes necessary to take precautionary steps to protect yourself from an attacker, traffic or any other disturbance, to keep yourself safe under any unforeseen circumstance. And this can be easily done by making use of the following 10 steps that we have laid down for you today. So just read them and enjoy a fantastic stress-free run.

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