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Women running should be aware about safety and invest into a variety of safety equipment and measures while running on the roads in India

You might have heard a lot of stories and read many articles about the safety of woman while running in India. But have you ever tried to implement any steps to ensure your safety? If yes then great but if no then don’t worry, as we are here to help you follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your safety. If you are reading this then without a doubt you too like us are passionate about running. We are sure that many of you might be training for the upcoming Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the Bangalore Ultra. And you might be practicing your run in the nearby park or roads, isn’t it? During your run it becomes necessary to take precautionary steps to protect yourself from an attacker, traffic or any other disturbance, to keep yourself safe under any unforeseen circumstance. And this can be easily done by making use of the following 10 steps that we have laid down for you today. So just read them and enjoy a fantastic stress-free run.

Tuck in a pepper spray

Pepper spray is the most essential item that should be with you during your run. It will protect you against any unpredictable attack and allow you to defend yourself. You can tie it around your fingers easily with the help of an adjustable band.

Do not plug-in your earphones

All of us love listening to some music while running, don’t we? But sometimes this pleasurable activity may get one into trouble. For example – suppose you are running near a golf course, and you have your earphones plugged-in. Now if the golf ball arrives in your direction then the people will shout to alarm you, but if you have your music playlist on you will not be able to hear these warnings and you might suffer a fatal injury. Similarly, listening to music while running may work against you during heavy traffic.

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Use headlamps at night

Using headlamps at night time while taking a run may sound stupid but it might save you from a lot of trouble and injury. It will help you see any obstacles in the way forward and also make you more visible to other people. While running you might assume that everybody is able to see you but that is not the truth. A thoughtful item like a headlamp makes you visible to other people and helps you stay safe from an approaching vehicle.

Change your routine

We are pretty sure that while training for the marathon in your busy schedule you might be following a particular set routine. You might not be aware of this thing but many attackers might be observing your daily schedule. A good way to stay safe is to change your routine continuously. You can choose to run in the mornings sometimes and in the evenings at other times.

Keep your mobile phone along

Do not ever leave your mobile phone at home thinking that it will be a hassle. Always take it along with you as it will help you contact your near and dear ones during any kind of emergency. You can keep a waist pack to carry such items.

Having a running buddy is not a bad idea

Two is always better than one and so having a running buddy is not a bad idea at all. You can ask your friend who is also training for the marathon to accompany you in your daily practice sessions.

Run against traffic

It is always a good idea to run against the traffic than run along with it. By following this safety rule the approaching vehicle will be able to see you easily during any twist and turn on the road.

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Run during the day

We are not by any means discouraging you to run at night time or in the early morning, but running during the day is safer. There are people around and thus attackers will refrain from attacking you during such a busy hour.

Make use of technology

Technological advancements are there to be utilized to their maximum advantage. Whenever you go for a run you can turn on a live location tracking app and ask your partner or friend to keep a constant track of your location. Any change in your location will inform your friend that you might be facing some trouble.

Take a self-defence course

At the end of the day the best way to defend yourself is with your own hands. Take a self-defence course and be prepared for any trouble that might be on your way.

The above-mentioned safety rules will help you stay safe during your daily run. But if you have any other safety rule in mind then do let us know about it in the comments below. Till then, Happy Running!

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