What is a Tempo Run?

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A tempo run… it does sound familiar and you might have also tried running unconsciously but do you truly understand what it means, asks Nandini Reddy

You must have heard runners discussing using Tempo Run as a strategy for completing grueling marathons. There are a few advocates who swear buy it and a few who stay away from it. But getting it right is most important if you opt for it. Essentially a Temp Run means at you run for a set period of time at a threshold pace. But in order to understand if it works or doesn’t work for you, read on to find out.

Why do you do tempo runs?

It helps the body move faster with getting tired. This helps in reaching your goal times and distance before lactic acid and fatigue take over.

What are the variations in tempo run?

You can opt to do the sustained tempo where you keep a steady pace for 20 mins or you can choose the Tempo Repetitions where you can take short recovery periods of 60-90 seconds. There is also a Tempo Circuit variation that can be used by advanced runners that is beneficial for strength and endurance.

What is the pace of a tempo run?

The pace is what would be best referred to as comfortably hard. It is essentially a pace that you can run at continuously for at least an hour without tiring.

How long is a tempo run?

A typical tempo run lasts for 20 mins and you would cover anywhere from 3-5 kms in that time. You can run longer distances and for a longer period of time if you alter your pace.

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What is the heart rate zone for a tempo run?

In a tempo run you need to maintain your heart rate at the Lactate Threshold. A newbie runner would achieve this at 60% of maximum heart rate. The more seasoned runners would reach it at 90% of maximum heart rate.

When do you run temp runs?

Tempo runs are best for training as they help build endurance and are very beneficial for running short races and early training schedules before the half and full marathons.

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