To be able to run is a gift

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Ajit Pathak, a Pinkathon Ambassador shares his inspiring running story on how it cured him of his epilepsy

Running is Gift – It has immense health benefits. Let me take a pause and talk about how I cured myself of Epilepsy with zero medication. It was unbelievable when I discussed with my Dr. Friends who are neuro physicians. Yes, I cured myself of Epilepsy, I was not diagnosed with Epilepsy by birth. I was diagnosed with  Epilepsy due to my hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, and ad hoc travels which I developed at the early age of 20s. The medication prescribed by my neuro physician did not really suit me and I was told there are 3 medical treatments ( tablets) available to cure epilepsy. I tried the first one which was a bit of a risk and decided to live with Epilepsy for rest of my life. Between the ages of 20 to 40 years, I had on and off epilepsy attacks and I could not control them.

I was nearing my 40’s, I was 106 kgs and had to reduce my from extra kilos – so I went on healthy diets and started running. In a span of a year, I realized I did not have any symptoms of Epilepsy and now it is 4 years I am running, and I do not witness any Epilepsy symptom. Was it a miracle or was it running? I think it was running.

Why Running? I personally believe Running is the best and cheapest form of high-intensity workout and a good stress buster which anyone can adapt easily.

For me running is a meditation, the quiet movements of togetherness with your own self. Running has amazing health benefits! Believe it or not, running is actually a great way to improve your overall level of health fitness levels, immunity,  prevent disease etc.

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Especially for women running can turn into a miracle, regular running can actually help to lower your risk of breast cancer, lose weight, boost your confidence, relieve stress, eliminate depression and reduce anxiety. It goes further than just the benefits of weight loss, too. Running bolsters your cartilage by increasing oxygen flow and flushing out toxins, and by strengthening the ligaments around your joints. Further, it improves your bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis and reduces negative energy and much, much more.

Running early morning is added advantage- The more you sweat in the morning, the more healthy your brain would be, long story cut short –  When you workout in the morning and you sweat it releases  BDNF brain-derived neurotrophic factor that repairs brain cells from stress. In simple terms, running has the ability to cure and prevent neurological diseases.

Run in all climates, its increase your immunity and running in monsoon has a greater advantage as rainwater has the highest amount of B12, which is a natural source.</p>

Run in all ages as age is just a number, in my 4 years of running experience I have seen runners of all age groups – from 7 to 73 years, they run and can stay fit and inspire everyone around. So, coming to the benefits running can give back unbelievable and unimaginable benefits.

There is a myth that running can damage knees. You take up any sports if you don’t follow basic rules and don’t understand your own self or go overboard it will be surely unsafe. Let me explain it like driving a car on the highway without formal training or as simple as cooking rice in a pressure cooker – if you don’t follow basic rules it is going to be equally unsafe.

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Here is an ABC (Tips) for First Time Runners:

  1. Everyone can run, as long as you can walk – I believe you can run, It does not matter how slow you run, as long as you are moving ahead.
  2. Don’t get paranoid about someone who is running faster than you. In all practical terms you can run at the speed you can walk at and you can still complete your run and distance.</li><li< span=””>>You can start your run with mild stretching legs and lowe>r body, get on the road walk for minute to warm-up yourself and then measure th>e street light (pole), walk one pole and run (slow jog) one pole continues this for a 30 to 45 mins for a week and then after Run 2 or 3 poles and then walk a pole. Soon you will gear up for first 5kms then gradually run first 10kms and then 21kms, after which, the sky is the limit.</li<>

Happy Running and See you soon @ the finish line.


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