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Run your most challenging run in the summer heat this June at THOR – The Hero of Running by Jaipur Runners Club. 
The summer is heating up not just with the sun but with a running challenge that will challenge not just your body but also your will power. One such run that you cannot miss is the one organised by JRC – THOR – The Hero of Running. It is one of a kind running event where every mile will be a challenge.
Challenge of Running in Summer
A summer run in Jaipur will definitely test your mettle as a runner as you need to battle dry heat. Hot weather raises the body temperature and hydration is extremely important. Summer in India isn’t a popular season for running as it presents formidable challenges to the runners.
So the training period is extremely important, where you learn to adapt and be realistic of your running skills. The core temperature rises faster and you need to adjust accordingly. It is also important to dedicate time to recovery during the training periods. Sleep will also play a crucial role during summer training. Fatigue can set in faster than usual in the summer months so it is extremely important to be a responsible runner.
Race Categories
The serious runners can choose timed runs of 21k and 10k. The newbie runners can choose the 4k timed run option to check how well you are doing as novice runner. There is also a special feature for runners who cannot travel to Jaipur – you can become a virtual participant – where you can run the half marathon in your own city.
If you are excited to be part of this amazing series of running events then you need to register for the first one of the series. You can register for the event on Eventjini
Jaipur Slam
Jaipur Runners Club is a premier community running organization, seeking to improve community health and well-being by championing a lifelong commitment to running. THOR is one of the essential events to attend for Jaipur Slam by Jaipur Runners.  Jaipur Slam is a one of a kind running program where exceptional amateur runners get recognised and rewarded for their dedication and hard work in all Jaipur Running events.  The 4 events that form the slam essential runs – THOR, Jaipur Glow Run, Jaipur Pink Run and the AU Bank Jaipur marathon. For runners who finish all the 4 events a special slam medal will be awarded. 
There will be more updates on summer training plans and nutrition plans soon to help you prepare for the first of the Jaipur Slam races – THOR – The Hero of Running.

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