Stretches To Release Tension In Your Body

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Stretches to release tension

From Child’s Pose to Figure 4, here are a few stretches to release tension in your body and help you find calm in the daily chaos.

Most of us experience a good deal of stress in our daily lives, and 2020 was not an easy year for anyone. Without realising it, a lot of stress has built up in our body, especially with the year that we have had. Whether it’s too many emails, too many video calls or too many home chores, 2020 made sure everyone had their tryst with stress, isn’t it?

Before we proceed, let’s do something fun – lift your arms high above your head and take a deep breath. Felt good, right?

Stretching is an effective strategy that aids stress-relief, since it lengthens the muscles and relieves a lot of tension. Secondly, an important part of stretching is connecting with breathing, an important part of our daily lives we take for granted. From a cramped up neck to that lower back ache, stress can tag along uninvited, which is why implementing stretches that reduce stress into your everyday routine is imperative.

From Child’s Pose to Figure 4, here are all the stretches you need in order to find the calm in this chaos.

Neck Stretch

1. Stand with your knees slightly bent, or you can choose to sit up straight.
2. Gently drop chin to your chest.
3. Place your hands on back of head. Gently push down until you feel a slight stretch.
4. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, breathing steadily. Repeat this 2-5 times.

Child’s Pose

1. Kneel on the floor
2. Bring your feet together, and spread your knees to create a V-shape
3. Sit back, making your glute stretch towards your heels
4. Walk your hands in front of you, and lower your chest to the ground
5. Breathe deeply. Hold for 45 seconds

Seated Spinal Twist

1. Sit toward the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor
2. Place your right hand at the back of the seat, and place your left hand on your right thigh
3. Inhale, and lengthen your spine
4. Exhale, and rotate your torso to the right, looking over the right shoulder
5. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat on the other side

Knees Into Chest

1. Lay on your back
2. Pull your knees towards your chest, until you are curled up like a ball
3. Rock a little back and forth to release extra tension. If not, hold still. Do either of these for 30 seconds

Wrist Stretch

1. Hold your arm out in front of you and gently bend your fingers down with the opposite hand
2. Keep breathing, and hold this for 20 seconds
3. Repeat with the other hand

Forward Fold

1. Stand up, and bend at the waist
2. Try touching your fingers to the floor
3. Try bending one knee at a time to deepen the stretch
4. Hold this for 30 seconds, continue breathing

Upper Back Stretch

1. Stand straight, and clasp your hands behind your back
2. Push your chest out as much as possible
3. Hold this for 30 seconds, continue breathing

Side Stretch

1. Stand straight
2. Inhale, and stretch up towards the ceiling
3. As you exhale, slowly bend to one side
4. Hold this for 20 seconds
5. Repeat for the other side

Figure 4

1. Lie on your back and bend your knees, with the feet flat on the floor
2. Place your left foot on the right knee, creating a figure 4
3. Bring your hands through the gap, and pull your right shin towards your chest
4. Hold for 40 seconds
5. Repeat on the other side

Protima Tiwary

Protima Tiwary

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