Running Terminology: The funny way

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Popular Theatre artist and avid runner, Guest Columnist T M Karthik, gives his take on what running terminology should really mean with a humourous twist.

Statutory Apology : This is just for fun, folks 😉

Want to walk the walk—or in this case, run the run? Then it’s time to learn how to talk the talk! Everyone knows runners are all a liiittle bit crazy, so it’s no surprise they have a language all their own. Think of this guide to runner’s slang as the helpful subtitles to “ Crap ,Runners Say.” C’mon, it was only a matter of time before runners got in on the fun too.


Form : Something you fill in India wherever you go, including marathon registration, alternately a term used by Peter pasanga with fake Accent talking about vayal

Foot Strike :when one or both feet refuse to move as part of the union, alternate name for kaladipet

Warm-Up: high fever or the vetti gethu you supposedly do before run


Static stretching : Without moving your butt an inch and full peela about your supposed PB

Dynamic Stretching: same as above but doing it to fellow Runners about your semma run in Romania

Strides : The number of steps u take to realize u can’t run to save your life.

Cadence: The KDs who act dense when u try to convince them about discount coupons

Trail Running: When you leave behind banana peels, water bottles ,tetra packs for others to clean up.

Barefoot Running :Attempted by those who are undecided about shoe budgets,

Marathon Runners : On road asylum

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Ultra-marathoner: Over bandha runners, usage : Aye romba ,ultraan ille ?

Elite: Mousetrap using tea, yet to find usage in running

Triathlete: someone trying to be an athlete

Easy Run : No such thing

LSD: Rave running.

Recovery Run: going back on the same route to search for wallets, water bottles, watch etc

Interval Training: taking your kids out fr a run to explain what they should do during intervals in school

Hill Repeats : Doing arrears runs on hills

Tempo runs : Hire a tempo and run behind it, if u can’t ,jump in

Pick-Ups: using the same tempo to assist others

Strength Training :For running groups to show on fb how their group strength is stronger, using Photoshop if needed

Cross-Training : How to put into mark while running ,sometimes used to refer to getting angry at training

Rest Day: Most productive running day

Garmin : A device that teaches you how to run badly by tilting your head towards your wrist

Fuel Belt:A belt to buy petrol when govt plans on rate increase

Running Tights: Holding on to the shorts or tracks knowing they may slip

Vibrams : A type of shoes where you pay through your nose ,but the shopkeeper keeps most of the shoes

Pronation: Patriotic runners

BPM: Name of a runners political party

Endurance: The state of runner spouses

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise:When you go up ( Yaeruvadhu) vs your elder brother ( Annen) going up , on runs

Glycogen: the generation of Runners who are glucose pychos

Lactic Acid: Form of rowdy acid attacks by weak runners

VO2 Max: Short form for maximum 5 oxygens in Roman

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Chafing: chewing something while pfaffing

DOMS: Sad accommodation at outstation runs

Foam Roller: Slightly bigger shaving cream device

Runner’s Knee : Just like anyone else’s knee

Shin Splints: Complicated term for mozhangal pain

Plantar Fasciitis : Fancy term for Physio’s bill

ITB: Running with head band on OMR

Ice Baths: When heater doesn’t work after run

Over-training: training every 6 balls

Hitting the Wall: After runners party ,what may happen if you drive

Taper:The person who puts tapes around your feet

Carb-Loading: Fancy term for binge eating

Bib : A device to make sure you don’t spill food while running

Chip ; A devise that exposes you

Splits: What usually happens to your feet or shorts depending on terrain

DNF: term used to refer to the wise folks

PB: Lead

5k: Decent

10K: Slightly confused

Half-Marathon: Abnormal

Marathon: Certified Mad

Runner’s High: if runners start a school

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T M Karthik

T M Karthik

T M Karthik, is a in English stage and Tamil film actor whose films include Nanban ,raja rani, indru netru nalai, dhillukku dhuddu, life of pi ( Hollywood) and more.A former senior software professional with cognizant, he co founded an arts based corporate training firm, and also an avid runner with Marina Minnals ( a Chennai Runners team)