Running Resolutions for the New Year

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Come New Year and everyone makes resolutions to be better than last year. Since you are making resolutions anyway, how about a few running resolutions this year, asks Nandini Reddy

So it is almost that time of the year when you start thinking about how you can bring a positive change to your life and how the New Year will see a new you. If you are a runner then how about this year we try a few things that might make you a better runner. They may be resolutions that would improve your running or just make you enjoy running a little more this year.

Get the right Shoe

Go out and buy that shoe you have always wanted. The right shoes can make such a huge difference to your running style. Pick the one that is recommended for road running if you train around the city. If you want to run trails the get a different shoe. Speak to a specialist if you have to but get those shoes that you deserve. Make it the first thing on your list of resolutions for the new year.

Do more than run

If you have not worked on your strength training as yet then sign up for at least two days a week of strength training in the new year. If you cannot make it to a gym then try and workout using classic body weight training exercises that will help strengthen your muscles.

Get healthy

Make getting healthy a target instead of losing weight. Concentrate on overall health instead of just the weight. That will help you increase nutrition instead of just cutting calories. Use water as a friend to improve your running efficiency. Try have more meals instead of overloading at a single time.

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Spend time with runners

Runners are a huge motivating force and if you are around them you will be more inspired to achieve your running targets for the year. They are also likely to be more enthusiastic about participating in marathons together and will be willing to train with you for the big race.

Make Less Excuses

It will always be too hot or cold or too wet to run. Meetings and routines will take over your day all the time. But try and make less excuses for not going on those runs during the week. Every run counts and every run brings you closer to your goal.

Pick your dream marathon

Aim to run a particular marathon in the year. Train with that goal in mind. Your attitude towards training and nutrition will change automatically. Pick one major marathon that gives you enough time to prepare yourself. Set a challenge to complete this marathon in a given time.

Running is fun. Don’t get too serious about it. Enjoy your runs on training days. Make interesting eating plans and ensure that it becomes a part of your life that you look forward to everyday.

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