Post-Marathon Recovery Tips For The Endurance Racer

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Post Marathon Recovery Tips for Endurance Racer

What’s next after your marathon!!? Is it the training session for the next race. No, no hold on there! Give your body some time to heal!

Every athlete must prioritize recovery after a marathon as your body requires healing to be able to function with ease once again. After a long race, your blood vessels and body muscle undergo intense strain. Consider a substantial period of recovery to avoid injuries and stress to your body. 

Few Post-marathon Recovery Tips for Marathon Runners: 

1. Take Contrast Showers

Contrast showers are nothing but taking a shower with hot and cold water simultaneously. The hot water will dilate your blood vessels, and the cold water will compress them. This helps oxygen-rich blood to reach minute damaged nerves and heal them. Contrast showers can help you recover from muscle damage effectively.

2. Heal by Eating 

Followed by a good shower, eat a protein-rich meal. Proteins play a significant role in cell building and prevent cell damage. Maintain a balanced diet even after the marathon.

3. Cross-training Before You Resume Training

Start light by a brisk walk or a slow jog for 2 to 3 miles. A good slow start will help you analyze minor internal injuries, foot blisters, etc. One of the best cross-training options is swimming or pool running. Doing this will loosen your muscles and will heal cramps. Opting for cross-training will help you not only in the process of healing but will also help you stay on track. 

4. Give Yourself a Break

Taking off from your daily routine for a week or two may help you recover faster post a marathon. It’s important to give your training a fresh start, so take some time out, guiltfree, and invest it in yourself.

5. Get a Massage

The sooner you get your sports massage done after your race, the better it is. During the marathon, as you run, lactic acid pile up, which later causes muscle tension. So giving yourself a massage post-race will help you flush out the excess lactic acid. Sports massage will work through friction by warming up your blood vessels and will regulate the blood flow. 

6. Tackle Post-marathon Blues 

Your immunity would have dropped drastically because of the changes that you made in the last few hours after a marathon. Try to take care of yourself better and boost your immune system by eating fruits and staying hydrated. Get back to your normal routine slowly without any hassle. Think about what is to come as you rest and recover. 

Going back to the start is not easy, but remember it’s the same for every other marathoner.

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