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On the eve of the TCS 10K Bengaluru 2019 race, the air is abuzz with excitement, nervous energy and happy, smiling faces and Deepthi Velkur is right in the centre of the buzz. 

At the Mirchi Get Active Expo, the crowds have been pouring in with long queues at the bib collection centre, experiences being shared, selfies galore and last-minute tips flying about.

The Mirchi Get Active Expo for the 2019 edition of the TCS World 10K Bengaluru is a haven for both runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. This 3-day event (16th – 18th May 2019) organized and marketed by Radio Mirchi Activations was held at the Koramangala Indoor Stadium and nearly 25,000 registered runners visited the expo to collect their running bibs.

One of the coolest things to do at the expo is to go through the virtual experience booth where as a runner you can run the route and perhaps make some last-minute changes to their race day strategy.

Runners can also familiarize themselves with race day instructions, route maps, course facilities, security arrangements, traffic restrictions, road closures and other arrangements made for race day.

The runners can also partake in an exclusive runner meet interacting with official pacers, availing exciting offers by leading sports brands and panel speakers on Beyond the Finish Line (BTFL).

The expo also showcases brands (sponsors & partners) such as Being Human, Oakley, Bisleri, Asics, Proline, Max Protein, Tata Motors, Nature Valley, Garmin Fast & Up, Del Monte, HRX brand, Himalaya Quistapro etc which specialize in the health and lifestyle segments. Additionally, in partnership with the official philanthropy partner, India Cares Foundation there was a limited number of charity run bibs available in the Majja run category.

As part of the expo, Procam International also organised speaker sessions, charity press conferences, press conferences with international and India athletes, the event brand ambassador and expert speaker sessions. Some of the experts available at the expo where Dipali Pandey and Rashmi Cherian on nutrition and hydration tips, and importance of strength training, coach Pani, Nirupma Singh and Anubhav Karmakar on running a successful 10K.

The Bengaluru TCS 10K has always been a very special run and in talking to some runners, you can get a sense on why running this event means so much to them.

Nagaraj Harsha, 4-time Ironman says “It’s an IAAF Gold Label race and running through the heart of the city which covers Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha and the weather is going to be pleasant, you have a fantastic crowd cheering you all the way with 25000 runners the course. It’s a must to race in the country”.

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For some runners like Neera Katwal, coach for the Reebok running squad and a runner herself the race holds memories going back a long time. She says, “I have been running for the past 10 years and this is my 10th year at the TCS run. In fact, they have given me a customized bib (my date of birth) for having run 10 years. I’m all excited to run tomorrow. My last-minute advice to runners is since you have already spent a lot of time on your feet, go home, rest well, think positive, stay calm and confident and do your best at the race tomorrow”.

Nandini Ashokumar, 3-time pacer at TCS 10K and pacing the 80min bus says “Running the TCS 10K is like participating in one of the world’s premier race!! This year’s theme #Feel the Pride is not only for people of Bengaluru but also for every runner who is running it. 80mins bus is for the beginners who are aiming a comfortable ride yet finish in sub 80mins. The plan for the race day is to break the 10km distance into 3 parts. In the first 3km, the runners get comfortable and enjoy the feeling of the race day, in the next 3kms when they begin to feel the distance a run-walk strategy will be used and the final 3kms, when the mind starts playing the game, they will be motivated to stay focused on the finish line. With enough aid-station breaks at each segment and maintaining a steady pace (avg pace 7:55 min), the 80mins bus will reach as per target”.

Suchitra Patwardhan, amateur runner pacing the 70min bus says, “It is a Namma Bengaluru Run and has different run categories where everyone in the family can participate. Achieving a good timing in TCS world 10k, helps one to qualify for Tata Mumbai Marathon and also to compete to get into the top 450 finishers across all age categories, the pride of wearing a finisher tee is forever. While we participate, it’s a great opportunity to give back to Namma Bengaluru. The strategy for race day is to run a positive split. This will give ample opportunity for runners following my bus to achieve PB”.

Krishna Kohli, a pacer for 60min bus and coach(swim/bike/run) says, “I have been running for the last 8 years and started with TCS which was my first timed run. When I finish the race it just gives me a runners’ high, a sense of achievement and I just got hooked on to it. I’m pacing the 60 min bus and your given a bus that you can easily handle and gives you a lot of responsibility and accountability of people who are following you and trusting you to ensure they will achieve their personal best”

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Deeptha Raghunath, amateur runner says, “I think it’s our most prestigious event being a Bangalorean, and a must do for most of the citizens here. As the # also says feel the pride, we should take pride and do this run and its one of the best-organised runs at the starting of the running season”.

Shruti Jain, amateur runner and pacer for the 45min bus says, “As a Bangalorean, I always enjoy running my home races & added to that this being an IAAF Gold Label Race, to run it is a moment of pride for me & my fellow Bangaloreans. Also, this is the only 10k race in the world that is allowed to use the word World in its Title which gives me a great sense of pride. To run this race & do my best is what I look forward to every year. On the 19th morning, this is a grand party for the running community & I cannot wait to be a part of it. This is my first time as a pacer & to top it I have the fastest bus. I’m thrilled and nervous. On the race day, I intend to maintain a steady pace & will be encouraging my fellow runners to do the same”.

Karthik Anand, marathon runner (6-star AWMM achiever) says, “In our pacemakers training calendar, it’s our first run for the year and we train for it from Feb to May – 4 months of intense training and it’s also my home run and running in Bangalore gives me a high”

Harsha Banthia, a mother and a marathon runner says, “I have been running for 3 years and TCS 10K gives me the opportunity to get back on the track and challenge myself for a very fast and hard run tomorrow”.

Shailja Sridhar, runner and pacer for the 50 min bus says, “It’s always lovely to race a world-class 10k event and TCS has been the first and the best-organized 10k in the country. I have been training to stay in shape so I can do an easy sub 50 min 10k as a pacer. I hope that my simple strategy of starting a little fast to get away from the crowds and then settling down in a steady sub 5 min pace to finish the run in 49 minutes is good for people running in my bus”.

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