Iron Man in the Desert – The Dubai Iron Man 70.3

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Sanjay Mathrani, talks about his experience of running the challenging Ironman race at Dubai

Well the name says it all, doesn’t it? For all those of you who aren’t aware about such an event, here are the details:

  • Swimming 1.9km.
  • Cycling (Bike) 90km.
  • Running 21km (half marathon).

All put together to be completed in 8.30hrs. Sound’s tough?

But if we have the determination and will power nothing can stop us.That’s exactly what I could accomplish in 6.48hrs, on 27th January 2017.

Dream It. Dare It. Do It.

Well, the question that comes to our mind is, can we accomplish this feat? And my answer to this has always been

“Dream It. Dare It. Do It.”  

For me, fitness is of top most priority. I’ve been a hard core tennis player for almost 15 years. Playing for almost 6 days a week.  With so much of tennis, my knees started giving a problem. On consulting my orthopaedic, he asked me not only to stop playing tennis but to stop any activity that can jerk my knee that includes running too.

On the contrary, he suggested to start with swimming and cycling and that’s exactly what I did. To begin with, I started with just one lap in the pool i.e. 50 m. Soon I went on to swim 50 laps at a stretch (2.5 km) and so on. As for biking, it was always a fun ride as I was mostly accompanied by Pune Milkhas (bunch of fitness freak friends). The minimum distance that I could initially bike was 10 km which increased to a maximum of 140 km from Pune-Lonavala-Pune.

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Train for it

I thank my Coach IM Kaustubh Radkar, he has completed 16 Iron Man’s and gone on to complete the Ultraman in Florida this February 2017 ( 10 km swim,432 km bike and 84 km run in 36 hrs spanned over three days 12 hrs/day). Ultraman had 5 Indian participants out of a total of 46 participants only from all over the world.When I approached him for the Iron Man he first trained me for the Olympic distance triathlon for 3 months, after which I was able to complete the Goa Triathlon (1.5 km swim, 45 km bike and 10.5 km run) in 3.26 hrs in February 2016. After taking a break for almost 10 months I started training for IM Dubai 70.3, in November ‘16.

The Exhilaration

I was bold to finish the race without any injury, cramping, and also no medical issues. Accomplishing this feat gives me a real high. We had close to 2100 participants from 110 countries, aged from 18 to 70 years.  We had about 22 Indians participating who were overwhelmed with pride when I saw the tricolour on my BIB.

What Next?

Well, that’s the question on every triathletes mind. I’ve already registered for Tour Of Nilgiris-10, this event starts on 9th December and ends on 17th December 2017, 950 km in 8 days, with a team of 120 participants I will be cycling the Nilgiris. The tour starts from Bangalore and ends at Mysore after touring the Nilgiris right up to Ooty.

Next, I am already dreaming to participate in Full Iron Man (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run), this is, only if my wife permits.

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For me participating in an IM has been an eye-opener and has taught me something very important, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving what we desire. I’d like to conclude with the highly motivating words of Tony Hseih

“ Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.”


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Sanjay Mathrani

Sanjay Mathrani

Sanjay Mathrani is a businessman, marathoner and ironman from Pune.

One Comment

  • Fantastic, Sanjay. Really inspired be your experience.

    I am active runner spanning just about 10 kms at 1 hour and 2 minutes. My target is accomplish 10km in 45 minutes when I will be attacking the half marathon and then the Full. Infact I started running just about a year and half back.

    Swimming is something I am yet to learn. Hoping I will accomplish the Iron man feat in the next 5-6 years.

    I am aged 42 years. But as you said I will “Dream It. Dare It. Do It.”

    Thanks for your inspiration