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Runners around the world are motivated by different things. Here are the top reasons that push runners to continuously train for marathons and travel around the country or even the world to participate in them, writes Nandini Reddy.

Running is one of the most strenuous experiences your body can have. Reaching the finish line at the 42 kms mark is a strain on both your body and mind. Despite the hardships thousands of runners gather at the starting line of every marathon around the world. There are different motivations that drive novice and experienced athletes around the world . Here is recounting three of the most popular reason people gave for running marathons.

Love of Travel 

Running a 42 km race in new cities means you get to explore the city through its best streets. In a single race, you are likely to pass by the best monuments and also gain a bit of historical understanding of the city. Many runners travel to multi-locations to participate in marathons for this reason. A day before or a day after the marathon gives them time to explore the city thus allowing them to visit different places while pursing their passion for running. It might be an expensive hobby to have but if you budget your trips and plan your marathon season for the year then you will find great deals in every city that you visit. Travelling also gives runners the experience of running in different weather conditions. Running in windy weather, wet weather, dry weather and even arid deserts comes with its own challenges. This also challenges their training and adaptability to new terrains thus improving their skills as a runner.

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Running for a Cause

Nearly all marathons dedicate their proceeds to certain causes. The bigger the marathon the more causes get supported. From education to old age support, medical research to environment affairs – marathon’s dedicate their earnings to supporting the good work of NGOs and small organisations. As an individual raising funds that can make a difference is a tough task but doing it through a marathon has more chances of success. The ambitious marathoner would encourage everyone to run for a cause they’re passionate about by indulging in a hobby they love.

The Fitness Freak

There are many who have taken up running as a way to get fit. The regular training session, joining running groups and the exhilaration of crossing finish lines motivate runners to do better with each marathon.  Any fitness routine puts one out of their comfort zone and running requires excessive mental grit. But it also gives you a different high every time you clock a goal timing on a race day. The most amazing part about running is that it is one of the few fitness routines that can be followed by anyone at anytime and in any place.

Running a marathon is one of the largest physical challenges you can set for yourself. So whatever your motivation behind running a marathon remember that you have achieved a task that most people count as impossible.

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