Festive Eating Strategies

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All that running and lifting weights has finally paid off, then diwali comes and there is delicious food all around, so how do you survive the biggest festive food binge. Nandini Reddy offers a few tips.

It’s Diwali and there is tempting food all around and if you start to count calories you are most likely to draw flack for it from everyone around and come across as snobbish. So instead of being labelled any awkward name for your food choices, why don’t you just try a few of these tips that can help you enjoy the festive season without the guilt.

Avoid fast food – If you are busy running around shopping for Diwali then it’s a good idea to either pack a snack if you don’t have the time for a proper meal or choose a good restaurant that will give you multiple options of healthy food.

Wear fitted clothes – A fitted pair of jeans or a shirt/top that is slim cut will also help prevent you from over eating because you certainly wouldn’t want to have to loosen your buttons at a party.

Bring your own dish – Try and contribute food to the gathering if you can. Some hosts might appreciate it because there may be a few others who are looking for healthier options.

Eat before – If you are running around visiting relatives and attending Diwali parties, have a full meal before you leave so that you are not too tempted to gorge on the initial fried food snacks

Portion Control – Control the portion sizes of the food you serve yourself and avoid second helpings.

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Stand afar – Stay as far away from the table loaded with snacks. If you can grab a hand full of nuts and work your way through them slowly so that you don’t gorge unconsciously on the delicious food while you are lost in conversation.

Write it down – Diwali is a good time to write down everything you eat because it will give you a far indication of how much you need to work-out after the festivities end.

Delay temptation – If you are offered sweets at the office and you feel it’s too rude to refuse then take the sweet but put it away in a box to be eaten later. Generally when you delay temptation there is high chance that the craving would go away.

Keep up the exercise – If you schedule is too busy to make it to a gym then take a run in the morning before the day’s load gets in the way.

Pick your indulgence – If you must have your favourite homemade delicacies then certainly indulge in those but stay away from the others so that you don’t end up feeling totally cheated out of enjoying the festive food.

Be good to yourself this Diwali, enjoy the indulgences but also remember all the hard work you put in to get where you are today.

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