Benefits of Long Distance Running

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long distance running

The benefits of long-distance running are virtually endless and is considered one of the best form of cardio exercises.

Long-distance running has become a favourite cardio exercise choice of many today. It improves the body and also takes care of one’s emotional well-being. Long-distance running is gruelling for starters and it is not an activity for anyone looking for the easy way out. This sweat-inducing and tiring workout has a host of health benefits that outweigh the discomfort.

Here a few favourite benefits of taking up long-distance running:

Calorie Burner

You can burn some serious calories by running long-distance. Long bouts of high-intensity running will burn calories like no other aerobic exercise. If you’re looking to shed some weight or keep your weight off in future, long-distance runs will definitely come in handy. Also the runs boost your metabolism that means you burn off the body fat faster.

Healthier Knees

Generally, there is a common misconception that running impacts the knees, whereas in fact, it does the opposite. Long-distance running in fact minimises the chances of the onset of knee problems and pains as it strengthens the knees. It is also been found that long-distance running aids in preventing degenerative joint diseases like osteoarthritis.

Better mental health

Running has a positive effect on the mind and is known to help people suffering from depression and other mental health issues. Several studies have revealed that individuals who took part in long-distance running experienced a 15% increase in their working memory after the exercise. Long-distance running is known to stimulate the brain and make it work harder. 

Improves Sleep

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Long-distance running has a direct impact on improving sleep. Long-distance runners tend to adhere to routines that have shown to decrease insomnia. Runners are also known to catch sleep faster, deeper and longer. They are also research reports that show that runner tend to have uninterrrupted sleep.

Lowers the Risk of Cancer

Research has shown that long-distance running helps in warding off the evils of cancer. The physical activity of long-distance running helps improve health and also increases the life expectancy in comparison to non-runners.

Now that you are familiarised with the benefits of long-distance running, its time to put on those running shoes.



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