Alertathon-Run 2 Save A Life

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Alertathon ’19- #Run2SaveALife is a unique run to create awareness on first aid and emergency response that everyone should be a part of says Mahalakshmi Ganesan of TEAM ALERT.


“At the finish line of a run when we hear our heartbeat with a feeling of exhilaration – is the moment closest to experiencing throbbing life. That is why we felt an awareness run is the best way to reach out to the general public to create awareness on first aid and emergency response.” – says Mr. Rajesh R Trivedi, Managing Trustee – ALERT

Looked upon as amongst the top 5 runs in the City of Chennai, what sets Alertathon – #Run2SaveALife truly apart is the cause behind it. A very unique and crucial cause that touches every life is the cause of ALERT. The cause combined with the support from the running community at Chennai and a professional like Coach Kay being the Race Director makes it a run not to miss out in the city!

In the west, everyone knows basic life support techniques such as CPR as it is ingrained into their education system. In India, the awareness of such lifesaving skills is abysmally low. A study states that 98% of Indians are unaware of CPR – a basic lifesaving technique. We have systematically ignored the problem of not having first responders who can handle medical emergencies until an ambulance arrives. This has been costing us 17 lives every minute! It is an everyday disaster that goes unnoticed. It is democratic problem as it can happen to the rich and the poor, to the educated and the uneducated, to men, women, transgenders, children and it can happen anywhere as well – at homes, offices, malls, beaches, on roads!  

Taking small steps towards a bigger cause

It will take hundreds of crores of investments in infrastructure and manpower to decrease the time of ambulance arrival while it will hardly take a fraction to empower common man like you and me to handle medical emergencies until an ambulance or medical professionals arrive at the scene. That is exactly what ALERT is doing as a non-profit since 2006. Disturbed by the deaths on road, a few IT socially conscious professionals got themselves trained in first aid & emergency response so that they don’t walk away from an emergency. And then the magic happened- they realised these are simple, absorbable and very important techniques that all of us need to know. So, ALERT was started in 2006, to disseminate this life-saving knowledge to the general public.

The direction and mission have been provided by the legendary visionary Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir – “Train one in every family in emergency care”. In pursuit of the mission, in the last 13 years, ALERT has trained over 1 lakh citizens from various walks of life.

The holistic approach towards training and solving the bigger problem – emergency care Eco-system in India truly differentiates ALERT as a non-profit. As a volunteer-driven organisation with an affinity for collaboration with all stakeholders, ALERT conducts Alertathon with the theme “#Run2SaveALife” to encourage the community to join the efforts and create a safer tomorrow.

About the event – Alertathon 2019

Alertathon 2019 is the 5th edition of the run with 3 editions already conducted in Chennai and one in Bengaluru.

The run is to happen on the 10th of November with the iconic Anna University playgrounds as the event venue. Apart from the timed 5K & 10K runs, this year a new and exciting 10k (2.5km*4) team relay run has been introduced.

“We want all the chutties from schools, youth from college, homemakers, working professionals & senior citizens to participate in the run. To make it very inclusive for all genders and age groups, we have introduced the new team relay. We are happy to recreate those moments of togetherness for friends and family as they relish in a wonderful running experience and support the cause of saving lives” – says Coach Kay, Race Director – Alertathon.

Participants get a cool souvenir T-shirt, beautifully crafted finisher medal, yummy breakfast,

goodies from partners, an opportunity to learn basic life-saving techniques & immense satisfaction of supporting a crucial cause!

The contributions from the run go towards first aid and emergency response training which are offered to school & college students, cab & auto drivers, homemakers, Army cadets, general public free of cost.

A community-driven initiative for a problem faced by the community! Indeed, a sustainable solution, right?

What are you waiting for? Put up your hands and be part of the solution!

To participate, register now at


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