6 Things On A Runner’s Wishlist In 2021: What’s On Yours?

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6 Things On A Runner’s Wishlist In 2021: What’s On Yours?

As we wrap up 2020 (a year that made us change all our plans), we are also in the mood to set new goals and go all out the next year, especially since most bucket lists lay forgotten in 2020. We enter the new year with the existing uncertainty, we know that race dates cannot be finalised, and that it’s too early to make plans. Instead, we are coming up with a runner’s wishlist with the hope of a healthier and happier future. May 2021 be the year that bucket list goals are achieved!

Here’s what we have on our runner’s wishlist for 2021 and would like to know what’s on yours!

Running the Midnight Sun Marathon

A marathon at midnight… but with the sun out. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? You can make this dream come true by signing up for the Midnight Sun marathon that is planned in Tromso, Norway in June 2021. A large portion of the race goes along the coast so runners get a picturesque view of the Norwegian sea while running at midnight (in sunlight, don’t forget!) Plus this is a great race if you have been fascinated with the beauty of Norway and wish to see it up close and personal.

Running the Mad Marathon

This one’s perfect for runners who like a peaceful, small race which is a lot of fun and not too crowded. In this race, runners will run through the New England countryside, passing by farmlands barns, and lots of cows. If a nature break is on your mind, this one’s going to be a great gift that you can give yourself! This is one of the toughest marathons in the world, and also one of the most beautiful. Great for season runners looking for a challenge. This marathon is scheduled for July 2021.

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Running the Boston Marathon

Every runner has the Boston Marathon on their list. The marathon this time has been postponed until at least the Fall of 2021, but there is no harm in preparing. This is the world’s oldest annual marathon and is one of the best-known road racing events known to mankind.

Running the Tata Mumbai Marathon

Runners Wishlist for 2021 - Tata Mumbai Marathon

Tata Mumbai Marathon

One of the top 10 marathons in the world, the Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM 2021) is another race that finds its spot on every runner’s bucket list. The dates are not out yet but we are sure that every runner in the country is looking forward to participating in this iconic marathon.

Owning a pair of the ASICS MetaRacer

Sleek and lightweight, this shoe is proposed to be a good buy for those who are looking at great speedy runs. The rubber soles are great even on wet services and this shoe is ideal for speed work (or for those looking at shorter runs of 5K, 7K or 10K).

Owning a pair of Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6

With great ventilation and a secure fit, the new Nikes will definitely blow your mind. This one comes with a segmented rock plate in the forefoot which shields your foot from stones, rocks, and roots while helping you stay flexible even during trail runs. If you are looking for or something that will help you with the hard runs in difficult landscapes this one deserves a spot on your bucket list.

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