4 Mobility Drills Every Runner Needs

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Mobility drills for runners

Here are four mobility drills for runners to prevent injuries and boost performance. Watch the video

Runners love to run – it takes minimal equipment, leaves you feeling happy and accomplished, and can be done just about anywhere! We understand this addiction to feeling good, but you’ve got to take care of yourself even when you’re having fun. As a runner, it’s easy to focus on the feelings during the run and its results, but if you’re not warming up your muscles before your run, you’re signing up for injuries in the future.

Running is more complicated than it seems. From effective warm-ups and post-run stretches to strength training and nutrition, everything plays an important role in your performance as a runner.

It is seen that runners are often limited in the extension of their hip, dorsiflexion of the ankle, extension of the big toe, and a small amount of rotation of the mid-back. In order to move forward, with more speed and the correct pace, it is important to ensure that your major muscles as well as supporting muscles are trained well.

Thankfully, there are some mobility drills that allow you to take your performance to the next level. We caught up with Chitrika Bhansali, CrossFit Level 1 coach, who is also ACSM-CPT certified. She also teaches CrossFit to kids, and is a Precision Nutrition level 1 nutritionist. She coaches at 303 CrossFit Drive in Mumbai. You can connect with her on Instagram.

For the ankles

Rotate the ankle of one leg 10 times, in a clockwise direction.
Now rotate it 10 times in an anti-clockwise direction.
Repeat on the other leg.

For the knees

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Put your hands on your knees, and move them together in a clockwise direction. Do this for 10 circles.
Now repeat this in the anti-clockwise direction for 10 times.

For the calf muscles and hamstrings

Sit on the floor, while holding your feet from the side. Make sure you’re holding your feet from the side, and not the toes. Your legs can be bent.
Slowly, straighten out one leg, while holding on to the sides of the foot. Repeat on the other side.
Hold this for 20 seconds.
Repeat this once again.

For the back and hips

Sit down on the floor, with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle from each other.
Slowly lift your knees, and take them to the other side. Ensure that your upper body doesn’t move, and try touching your knees to the floor.
Hold for 5 seconds, and take the knees back to the other side.
Repeat 10 times.

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