SushilSushil asked 2 years ago

Running tips for 1600 meters in 6 min need to hit the target on time , should i go fast from begining or slow ?

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2 Answers
Suresh SrinivasanSuresh Srinivasan answered 2 years ago
Train for doing short bouts of speed workouts such as meter repeats to develop anaerobic capacity.

100 m - 1000 m repeats with recovery meters built in to recover from the previous bout of speed session.

Tempo runs

Time Trial sessions helps

First time you do something, its called taking a baseline measure where you are today, lets see your one mile (1600 meters) timing is 8 mins how can I bring it down to 6 mins will involve constant training and working out.

Always start with a warm-up followed by a warm run to warm up your muscles before you increase the intensity to stay injury free. Never miss a cool down kms post the speed session.

If you had a hard workout make sure you rest it out the next day as our body needs time to recover from the previous session and to feel fresh and energised for the next session.

Hope this helps.

Jini UserJini User answered 1 year ago