KiranKiran asked 2 years ago

My running is slow and even can’t run more then 1km continuously.what should I do to improve speed and endurance

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2 Answers
Tarun WalechaTarun answered 2 years ago
Hi Kiran, though running is considered to be one of our natural abilities, years of not running and our lifestyle changes lead to our certain muscle groups becoming inactive. We all need to relearn the process and remind our body of how to act when we run. Thus, all of us are bound to be slow and unable to run beyond a certain distance in the beginning. Since each one of us have different capabilities and lifestyle, this may vary from person to person.
You need to be patient, give it time, let your lungs expand their capacity to breathe as much needed to run and your muscles to get stronger and active as you move forward in this journey. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was a runner, but surely if you stick to the basics and not try to rush it, you will not only be able to run longer distances but also stay injury free.

You could also consider picking up some tips regarding building strength, diet, keeping yourself hydrated and running form. These will certainly make you move ahead quicker and help you get stronger.

Sunita GodaraSunita Godara answered 2 years ago
1. Gradually increase the duration/distance. Keep weekly target of 5-6 km or more.
2. You should be on the move for longer durations with running and walking
3. First build up endurance of 5km running at a stretch then go for speed improvement
4. For speed, overall development is important.
Work on strengthening, flexibility.
Twice a week... Interval training, slow fast training or Fartlek
Once endurance, flexibility, strengthening is in place with 5km... then go for once a week, proper speed workout
**1kmx5 Reps with 3min Rest; 2kmx2 Reps with full recovery 3 min