Sohini ChakravortySohini asked 1 year ago

How to stay productive during lockdown?

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2 Answers
Protima TiwaryProtima Tiwary answered 1 year ago
The first few days will be a little difficult, but once you set a routine for yourself, you’ll see that the next 21 days will pass by easily. Here are some ways to stay active:

  • A to-do list/planner helps you stay on track.
  • Make sure you are working in a space which is clean and fresh.
  • If you want your brain to perform like usual, you need to start your day as usual.
  • Do your household chores
  • With limited delivery, it’s a great time to concentrate on meal prep and healthy eating.
  • Don't skip your workouts. Do it at home. Also make sure you get your daily dose of sunshine.
  • Maintain social connection. Get onto video calls every day, exchange notes about your day, motivate each other and support each other through these trying times.
Suresh SrinivasanSuresh answered 1 year ago

Keeping our Mind Healthy, Productive and Engaged is equally important inaddition to staying physically active during these times.

  1. Get enough walking to keep you daily target of steps intact. Meditate and Sleep well, Stay Hydrated, Eat Healthy. This would ensure you stay positive and maintain your overall physical and mental well being,
  2. Follow a proper routine as we all are working from home so try to get done with your home workout in the morning if possible thats the best alternatively you can fit in in the evening whatever works
  3. Take frequent breaks, please do not sit infront of the laptop for long hours.
  4. Contribute to household chores such as cleaning and washing. Cook your favourite meal or dish for a nice diversion.
  5. Read Books/watch Movies/PodCast/You Tube on areas that most interest you
  6. Re-ignite your old hobby and make new ones
  7. Speak to friends over video call.
  8. Do online trainings/enroll for certification program and upgrade your knowledge on areas that you always wanted to build but never had the time
  9. If you have children at home, make sure to spend adequate amount of time with them, play with them
  10. If you have Dogs then you can spend time with them.
  11. Maintain a Gratitude Journal to express your gratitude to higher powers and maintain your learnings of the day