Sohini ChakravortySohini asked 2 years ago

How to start running?

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Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma answered 2 years ago
Here are some key running tips for beginners

  1. Don't get into the trap of ‘Too Fast – Too Soon’ and keep your focus on ‘Starting Slow – Building Strong – Enjoying Long’
  2. Pre-workout and post-workout phases are not an option but an essential component
  3. Listen to your body, it takes time to build the body for long endurance efforts
  4. Each week you increase your distance by no more than 10%
  5. Get a coach. Running is as much a technical skill as tennis or cricket
  6. Exertion level – your body will give you signs on how to proceed further
  7. Keep a running log to keep track of your progress
  8. Get a running partner
Suresh SrinivasanSuresh answered 1 year ago

There are various ways you can get started. You may want to list down the reasons for your running. Whats your main driver for running is it to improve your physical and mental health, to loose weight, to gradually move to a goal of a half marathon assuming you will be starting with a 5k and progress from there. You like the idea of being outdoors, You want to keep your weight under control. You want to enjoy running without having to worry about the pace and be a regular recreational runner who wants to include a CV workout.

  1. Define your Goals very clearly so your higher purpose is clearly defined
  2. Better to Join a running club to get guidance, tips, learning the nuances of running would help interms of warm-up and cool down activities, strength, flexibility training, injury prevention, hydration, nutrition how to start small and build it up gradually.
  3. Hiring a Coach always helps again depends on your priorities
  4. If you are not hiring a coach at this stage having an experienced runner friend as a mentor would help to a great extent who can guide you in your journey and evolution
  5. Start with a Walk, Brisk Walk and later include walk run scenario.
  6. Give your self attainable easy goals
  7. Maintain a log book to check your progression
  8. Check if you are enjoying running and having a feel good factor
  9. Don't be in a hurry to sign up for races so soon, Enjoy recreational non-competitive running for 6 months to a year and then take a call by which time you will know if you are in for a long haul then you can start with a 5 k or 10 k depending on your running fitness and your aspiration.
  10. Take it slowly and gradual and do not too excited so soon even if you feel are enjoying it. Always give yourself, your body and mind time to adjust to the changes brought in by the running lifestyle.
  11. Most important point I would like to share here is get your Running Form and attack on this in the begining of your running journey later it becomes a bit difficult, so you keep bio-mechanics form related injuries at bay.
  12. Running may be the easiest sport to start but its important to have the right foot wear, I would invest a lot of time and would not compromise on the quality of having a good sports wear, speak to experienced runners. Its a worthwhile investment.