What Kind Of Nutrition Bars Should You Be Consuming

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Energy bars, protein bars, nutrition bars snack/meal bars, or food bars whatever you call it are quick and easy snack replacement for when you’re on the move. They come packed with micro-nutrients and proteins, which makes it an excellent snack for athletes and for those who are too busy to cook or even eat a meal. Although it is not wise to replace a meal with these nutrition bars, it is an excellent food source to sustain you until your next meal. For those of you who feel like snacking could be a reason you aren’t able to maintain a healthy diet can switch to nutrition bars as a healthier alternative.
As with most foods, it is always best to make nutrition bars at home with better quality ingredients than buying the shop-bought variety. This keeps possible nut allergens at bay and can regulate the sugar quantity in these bars.
However, if you chose not to make them at home, be careful in the type of bars you choose. Choosing the right kind of bar for your nutritional requirement must not be ignored since it can either benefit or ruin your diet.

While picking a bar from the market, make sure it is low in sugar and balances the 3 macronutrients i.e., Protein, Fat, and Carbs.

So how do you know what bar is best for you?

The first step would be to categorize these bars. There are five kinds of nutrition bars:

Fiber Bars

These are most useful to people who need to consume a high fiber diet. This is most typical for older people or younger children with fussy eating habits.

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Meal-replacement bars

These are also called breakfast bars and have ingredients common to breakfast foods like granola, muesli and oats. These have higher calories and sugar content. Snack bars are also similar but with fewer calories and lower fat content.

Whole food bars

These kinds of bars are becoming more popular in recent times. These are usually a mix of different nuts and dry-fruits compressed together. These are generally not processed and compressed raw. They also have higher fat content and, since it is
all-natural, can be digested faster.

Protein bars

These bars are primarily for those who would like to increase their protein content, usually athletes. Athletes require a diet rich in protein to help them sustain energy during a workout.
They require more protein for muscle building than they can quickly get in a regular meal. These bars usually contain more than a single source of protein and are made to suit a wide range of body types.

Protein bars are usually more expensive than the other kinds and cater to a particular audience of athletes. Consuming these daily if you do’not workout extensively can create a host of imbalances in your body. So understand what kind of nutrients your body needs and consume accordingly.
If you are consuming nutrition bars to snack healthy, then it is best to make your own at home with leftover muesli, oats, chia seeds, honey, nuts etc.

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