Top 5 High Fibre Foods for Runners

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Runners need a strong and healthy gut and for that high-fibre food plays a very critical role.

When you are in training for a marathon, your nutrition needs utmost attention. The meals may be planned out to perfection but sometimes those hunger pangs do tend to strike especially when you have a long day at work. You will feel hungry when you are training for a marathon, a feeling commonly called “runger” within running circles.

What is Fibre?

Fibre is a component of some carbohydrate-containing foods that cannot be digested or absorbed by our intestinal tracts. In other words, we don’t get energy from fibre. However, even though it doesn’t provide energy, fiber is an important part of the runner‘s diet because of it:

  • promotes digestion
  • helps lower cholesterol
  • promotes regular bowel movements
  • slows the digestion
  • increases satiety
  • prevents spikes in insulin

We can add fibre to our food – not just for regular meals but also through small snacks that we can have through the day. In order to satiate those cravings, you can consider these 5 best snacks to pack and carry along in your bag as you tackle the day.

Sliced Bell Pepper

Prepped veggies can go a long way when you’re hungry and trying to make smart snacking decisions. Slice up a bell pepper, high in fiber and Vitamin C. If you can find a hummus dip to go with it then its an unbeatable combination of taste, protein and fibre. 


Bananas are your best go-to snack option especially if you are moving around a lot during the day. They have high energy and great levels of nutrition. The potassium in the banana will also help in improving muscle function.

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Dried Fruits

A box with mixed nuts in a must carry in your bag. You can include almonds, figs, walnuts and pistachios. Grab a handful during the day to take care of those cravings.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

This is one of the most reliable snacks that you can prep and carry. Hard-boil eggs and carry them with their shells. They will last longer and are a great way to get protein into your diet during the day.

Remember that for a runner, food isn’t just simple nutrition, it is fuel. Eating nutrient-rich food is extremely important and these short snacks can take care of any meal that is deficient of your essential nutrients for the day.

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