The Best Workout Drink

Ultrarunner Kieren D’souza shares his secret of the perfect drink for your workout. 

Grind is a series of episodes showcasing Kieren Dsouza’s favourite protein shake recipes that he uses for post-workout recovery.

Kieren is an Indian ultramarathon runner and endurance athlete. A well-known name in the Indian long-distance running community he specializes in trail running and is also the part of India’s running team participating at the World Trail Championships. Shake away the blandness of your favourite protein shake with.

The upcoming Woodland Ultra half is designed by ace ultrarunner, Kieren D’souza, the course will present some unexpected challenges for runners due to the elevation. Race designer D’souza is part of the Indian national team and has represented the country at trail world championships, UTMB, Spartathlon, HK100, Yading Skyrun, Eiger Ultra and several other prestigious trail running and sky-running events internationally.

If you require more information click here and if you want to be one of the privileged 100 who runs this iconic race then head over here to register

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