8 Nutrition Trends For You To Try In 2020

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Plant-based Milk

The plant-based milk industry has grown in popularity over the years as they are an excellent vegan food source. The most common plant milk is made out of soy, almond, oats, cashew and more. Even though these products are high in other nutrients, they contain much lesser protein than animal milk. This trend, however, is said to grow even more popular over the next year. 

Brain-boosting Foods

Brain-healthy foods have been given a lot of attention lately as they come packed with benefits. Some of these benefits include

  • Reducing anxiety and improving mental health.
  • Improving focus.
  • Preventing free radical damage.
  • Enhancing memory and boosts mood.
  • Improve brain-power.

Some popular brain-boosting foods are coffee, oily fish, nuts, dark chocolate and more.

16:8 approach

The 16:8 approach is more of a fast than a diet plan. Unlike other diets, this plan doesn’t restrict your calorific intake. But this does not mean that you don’t have to eat healthily. The idea is only to give yourself a window of 8 hours to eat your meals and fast for the remaining 16 hours. Experts say that this is enough time for your body to absorb the nutrients stored in foods and burns away calories.


Adaptogens are plant-based products that help the body fight against stress, anxiety and fatigue. These products also help improve mental health and enhance mental health performance. These herbs and roots have especially been used in Chinese and Indian medicines. Ashwagandha, a popular herb, has shown to significantly lower cortisol levels, thus reducing the impact of stress on your body. Tea made out of tulsi or holy basil has also been known to tackle stress and anxiety. 

Go Foods

On-the-go or go foods are foods that replace energy bars, beverages and gels by providing the same levels of energy and nutrition. These are usually a combination of foods like apples and peanut butter, carrots and hummus and so on. 


Biohacking may seem like the most complicating diet on this list. It’s simply a concept or a process of understanding what your body needs the most in terms of vitamins and minerals. You can find this out through various blood tests or a gut microbiome test and change your diet based on your body’s requirement. 

Supercharged Water 

Supercharged water is nothing but water that is ionized to increase its PH value. Water with increased PH or that are alkaline in nature can improve cardiovascular function and help people retain more fluids in the body. This reduces the possibility of dehydration and is especially popular among runners. Alkaline water comes in bottles. Certain purifiers fitted at home can give you alkaline water as well. 

Plant-based Foods

The vegan movement is booming, especially with the growing number of options that are now available. This diet includes adding more plant-based foods and lesser animal-based foods to your diet. Some popular plant-based foods are Spinach, kale, tomatoes, whole-grains, legumes like beans and fruits. 

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