How many calories should we burn to lose weight?

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To lose weight, eat less, and move more, this will be an ideal mantra. Watching your calories will aid in effective weight management.

The calorie deficit concept
The calorie deficit concept can help you in weight management and to reduce extra fat. The idea is to reduce the calorie intake and thereby increase the calorie burning. For instance, if you want to lose on KG of weight, you need to burn the calories consumed by it.

The most used calorie deficit concept is to 3500 calories. Here you’ll have to burn 500 calories per day for one week, which will help in losing one pound at the end of the week. To reduce one or two pounds a week, one will need to burn 3500 to 7000 calories a week.

Losing more weight in the short term is not recommended. It’s usually will lead to nutrient deficiency and unsustainable muscle loss and slowed metabolism rate.

To practice a healthy calorie deficit plan, first, watch your calories, and calculate how much pounds are losing without any workouts.

Strengthening Vs. Cardio, which is better?
Exercise, in general, can help you to shed around 2000 to 3000 calories after 200 to 300 minutes of workout in a week. For a significant weight loss, i.e., losing more than 5 percent of your body weight. You need to shed at least a pound per week. It also helps in burning calories and in maintaining lean muscle mass while losing weight. If you reduce calories without workout, one-fourth of every pound you lose will be from muscle mass. Muscle also needs extra calories for the strengthening of our so that it will boost your metabolism.

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Cardiovascular exercise boosts the heart rate for an extended period. Running and cycling burns a lot of calories instantly when compared to strengthening exercise. But strengthening exercise is better at developing muscle capacity when compared to cardio.

In a strengthening exercise, you might burn only up to 100 calories after half an hour session. But it has numerous other benefits apart from losing weight.

How many calories should we eat to lose weight?
Diet is an integral part of weight loss, along with exercise. Cutting down on calories and increasing the metabolism created deficit. A calorie calculator can also monitor your calorie of the food.

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