Helping Yourself Or A Fellow Runner In Case Of A Medical Emergency.

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Whether it’s training for a 10K marathon or just a simple, early morning jog, you as a regular runner are in a unique position to help others in need. But, have you ever stopped to think – “am I aware and prepared to take care of a medical emergency either for myself or a fellow runner?”

You might be lucky if you haven’t come across a medical emergency on the run yet, but what if you do? How prepared are you to handle such emergencies? We need to be ready to help ourselves or someone in need.

It’s not necessary that all injuries, illnesses, or accidents require hospitalization, but receiving immediate first aid care can make all the difference for their condition to deteriorate further. Being able to provide basic first aid can help stabilize the patient until the emergency team arrives.

So, how do you react in an emergency?

●Stay calm! Without a doubt, this is the most important thing to do. Most often, we panic and waste time.
●Keep away people from crowding around the patient
●Administer first aid if required.
●Call the local emergency number (108 or 112) depending on the severity of the situation.
●Once you have done that, start a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if the victim isn’t breathing or has no pulse and do it only if you are trained to use the right technique.

One essential safety skill that everyone should know is to do a CPR as that could help save a life while waiting for the emergency team to arrive at the spot. This knowledge of CPR is all the more vital while running at an event or running in large groups.
Although running is relatively a low-risk activity, it’s essential for people to feel confident and have the willingness not only to extend help to their running buddies but also to those who
need first aid care. Learning some basic first aid is a life skill everyone should have.

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4 reasons to understand why first aid knowledge and training is essential for us:

●It not only helps in saving lives but can improve the situation from getting worse by reducing recovery time. This can influence the after-effects by either being temporary or long term.
●While not all emergencies require hospitalization, every patient is in a state of pain or discomfort. Just by knowing simple techniques like the application of icepack, how to stop a bleed, cleaning and applying a bandage to a wound, etc. will make all the difference. Keeping calm during this period not only gives them some comfort but also reduces their anxiety levels.
●By receiving first aid training, you have an advantage over others who are unaware of how to handle such situations. This gives you the much-required confidence in your abilities and skill in being able to administer first aid quickly, correctly, and more efficiently.
●The training will teach you how to make healthy lifestyle choices, and you begin to be more aware of your health. It also shows you to take care of your safety first before helping someone in need. Not being in a position to help yourself means you cant help others.


Here are some simple first-aid items you could carry with you on your run:

●Always carry a mobile phone as this comes handy to call for help in case of an emergency.

●Carry some band-aid, petroleum jelly, and hydrogen peroxide spray with you on your run. This comes in handy when you get a cut or a blister. If there is excess bleeding, rip a part of your t-shirt or use a small strip of cloth you may have and tie on the area for compression to prevent bleeding.

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●Carry a bottle of water with you to prevent dehydration. Listen to your body and prevent heat-related illness by drinking sufficient fluids and slowing down when required.

●Carry a small first aid kit in your car, bike or in your backpack that contains basic necessities like sprain bandage, icepack, elastic bandage, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze, bandaid, spray, etc.
Additionally, there are quite a few first-aid training workshops, first-aid apps available today, so sign-up for one today. You’d never know when this will help save a life!

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