Celebrity Fitness Secrets: What Sofia Hayat Eats In A Day

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Celebrity Fitness Secrets: What Sofia Hayat Eats In A Day

Model and former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat was once termed as the new ‘curvy icon’ by a celebrity magazine. In 2013, she found her place (rank 81) in the list of FHM’s sexiest women in the world. But to achieve a certain kind of body and fitness level, you should have the habit and drive. A fit body will not just boost your confidence but also make you feel happy and satisfied.

Fitness can’t be achieved overnight. It requires dedication, patience, a lot of self pampering and determination to reach your desired goals. Apart from workout, you also need to make sure you eat properly in portions that are suited to your body type.

Finisher Magazine recently caught up with Sofia and asked her about what she eats in a day.

“I generally start with two egg bowls in the morning. For lunch, I will have like chicken and spinach. And in the evening, I will have fish and vegetables. And for treat, I will have 85 to 90 percent dark chocolate because it’s very low in carbohydrates and it satisfies my sweet tooth,” Sofia Hayat said adding that she generally eats three meals a day.

Sofia said that being a celebrity and an influencer, she’s definitely under a little bit of pressure to maintain her body and fitness level. But she looks at fitness and indulges in different workout session, mainly yoga, only to take care of her health and mind.

When we asked if she has a cheat meal, Sofia said, “Yeah, I like pizza or I like to drink a couple of glasses of champagne. And it’s low carbs anyway. And yeah, I love cakes.”

And her favourite food? “I do love sushi and sashimi. I think that’s what I like, raw fish because it’s tasty and fresh,”  she says.

So what does fitness means to Sofia Hayat? “Fitness means health. My mom’s heart condition is pretty weak because she didn’t workout much. She’s 70 and I think you can have an incredibly healthy and beautiful body that will carry you throughout your life. So fitness for me is allowing me to have a body and a vehicle that would carry my spirit, which is the spirit of the creator, the divine spark and continue to enjoy this world. So fitness enables me to lead a better life,” she said.

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