Beetroot Juice For Faster Post-Workout Recovery

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Post Workout Recovery Tips with Beetroot Juice

Weak stiffened muscles, rigid bones, and fatigue are few after-effects of a high-intensity workout. Recovering from a workout is necessary. This is true both physically and nutritionally. True athletes take extra care in deciding what to eat before and after a workout. Specific foods are especially good post a workout as it rejuvenates your body, replaces blood glucose levels and leaves you hydrated. And one such food is beetroot juice. 

Beetroot Juice for Faster Post Workout Recovery

Researchers from Northumbria University in England conducted a study on beetroot juice to see how effective it is as a sports drink. From the study, drinking beetroot juice can help our muscles to recover quicker — the research conducted on twenty people who were divided into three separate groups. The first group had 250 ml of beetroot juice, the second group had 125 ml of beetroot juice, and they gave the third one with a placebo. The participant was asked to perform 100 jumps 24-48 hours after drinking the given drink. As a result, they found that the group who had more amount of beetroot juice (250ml) recovered faster, which proved that the beet juice helps in muscle recovery faster than usual.

Beetroot juice is loaded with nitrates, which our body converts to nitric oxide when consumed. Nitrates enhance blood vessel dilation, which helps in blood flow capacity. 

Beet Juice Tips for an Athlete

For runners, beetroot juice does wonders, as it increases blood flow, which eventually lowers the amount of oxygen to our muscles. This helps athletes run faster with more energy. This superfood is packed with nitrates, antioxidants, magnesium, and iron, which makes it a suitable drink for any ordinary person. Try out beet juice as a part of your fitness diet for these numerous benefits.

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