All you need to know about running and caffeine

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Even the finest of the elite runners can simply be defeated without their daily cup of coffee or caffeine, which has a number of physiologic effects, before running.

Most of the runners rely on drinking coffee before running to get them up and out the door besides improving athletic performance. It is immediately absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and is a mild stimulant that attacks multiple organ systems.

However, the question is, should you sip coffee before you run? Or is it merely a ploy by the coffee firms to trade more overpriced lattes.

Coffee for runners


Improves mental alertness

Decreased perception of effort

May boost fat utilization

May increase pace


Gastrointestinal distress

May cause headaches

May cause jitters

Increase in urination

High-intensity workouts and caffeine?

Caffeine is known to boost the circulation of free fatty acids, which means that it’s glycogen sparing. And researches show that supplementation of caffeine (between 3-6mg/kg) is efficient in decreasing perceived endeavor (meaning that a six-minute mile feels like a seven-minute mile). In fact, researches had discovered that swimmers are faster after 6mg/kg body weight administered in a fruit juice drink two- to five hours before the swim and recorded lower perceived exertion. And cyclists’ time to exhaustion was nearly 15 minutes longer while caffeinated with 330mg caffeine one hour before exercise.

Caffeine timing

If you’re a morning runner, it is likely that you’ll grab a cup of coffee before lacing up your shoes to hit the road. But some runners also consume caffeine during and after their run for additional benefits.

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Caffeine and endurance running

Caffeine is truly one of the most comprehensively researched areas of sports performance, possibly because several runners rely on it for deeper than just its implied performance, intensifying benefits.

In fact, Alex Hutchinson prescribed taking caffeine pills before running as the number one legal performance-enhancing product runners can use before a run.

So if you were suspecting if coffee before running is bad, by now, you presumably know what we have unearthed.

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