Weekly Newsletter: New 5K World Record In Monaco & Other Updates

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Weekly Newsletter: New 5K World Record In Monaco & Other Updates

Beatrice Chepkoech, the 29-year-old Kenyan distance runner, broke the 5km record at the Monaco Run by finishing the race in 14.43. She bettered the previous record of 14:48 in a mixed gender race set by Caroline Kipkirui in 2018 and the women’s only record of 14:44, set by Sifan Hassan in 2019. “I’m so happy because I didn’t expect it. It was cold and there was a lot of wind, but I tried to follow my pace-maker and everything was perfect,” Chepkoech said after the race.

Here are the other updates of the week:

Rulebook For The Tokyo Olympics

The organisers of the Tokyo Olympics have released a 33-page rulebook to ensure Covid-free Olympics. The players living in the Olympic village have been advised not to socialise, shake hands, hug each other and avoid any unnecessary physical contact. Athletes will be tested for the virus once every four days. Regardless of the restrictions on physical contact, the organisers will hand out round 150,000 free condoms to the athletes. The rulebook set the tone for the upcoming Games, which is scheduled to start on July 23, by stating, “If you have been to the Games before, we know this experience will be different in a number of ways.” More on the guidelines here

Are Mass Participation Events Ready To Make A Comeback?

NN Running, the professional running team that Eliud Kipchoge is a part of, is organising an elite-only race in Hamburg, Germany, on April 11. The race will have a maximum of 100 athletes and will take place around a 10.5K loop of the city. The goal of this race is to help runners hit Olympic qualifying scores. Meanwhile, the World Marathon Majors have also announced dates for 2021. Are mass participation events ready to make a comeback? How safe is it to sign-up for a race? Runner-writer Martin Fritz Huber summarises the sentiment as, “Signing up for a race right now is a weird mix of optimism and being in denial.” Full article on Outside

How Shoes Impact Running Biomechanics?

Running shoes are an important though highly complex biomechanical necessity for every runner. Many studies have been conducted to understand the impact of running with or without shoes on the kinetics and the kinematics (together known as biomechanics) of running. These studies consider the in-shoe pressure sensors, pressure mats, three-dimensional motion analysis systems, and lightweight accelerometers and many more sophisticated technologies to study the modern shoe biomechanics. Read on to find out the effect of different types of running shoe designs on running economy and running-related injuries. Full article here

Tutorial On How To Use Yoga Props

Research shows that most of us spend 70% of our active waking hours sitting, working on our laptops or phones or engaged in some other sedentary activity. We have lost connection with the ground beneath thanks to our elevated couches, chairs and desks. While props did not initially feature in a traditional yoga practice, over time the asana practice has evolved just as people’s bodies have undergone a significant change. Props are a great way to access postures that otherwise would be difficult, if not impossible. Full article here

Run Like Murakami

Internationally renowned author Haruki Murakami is also a passionate runner. When he’s working on a novel, he usually wakes at 4am, writes till 10am or 11am. He goes out for a 10K run or swim for 1500m in the afternoon. Sometimes he does both and he’s off to bed by 9pm. A writer and a YouTuber followed Murakami’s schedule for a week. Watch her journey.

Fitness Inspiration

People of Finland go to unusual lengths to have fun. Taking a sauna in winter and then running through snow to jump into an ice-cold lake is a traditional pastime. Now, they have taken their love for sports and outdoors up by a couple of notches. Frustrated with the Covid-19 restrictions, Finns have started running in deep snow wearing no running shoes, only thick woollen socks. Reuters has the full story

Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris has a busy life. How does she take time out for a quick workout? By running up and down the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial. Take a look.

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