Does Running Make You Look Older? Let’s Find Out

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Does running make you look older? Let’s find out

Running is responsible for a lot of benefits to the human body as it reduces stress levels and makes you more confident. It also helps you to de-stress and sleep in peace, keep your brain sharp, and make your body physically stronger. 

However, people are starting to buy into the philosophy of “runner’s face” and are seriously concerned that this is making them look a lot older with several news reports and studies questioning whether arduous forms of exercise like running can actually make you look older. 

About the Runner’s Face:

The foremost theory behind the runner’s face is that the up-and-down bouncing of runners’ strides causes the skin on the face to “sag.” This is being misconstrued for regular aging.

Often, a lack of fullness in the face is affiliated to aging, and plastic surgeons have long promoted runner’s face as something that can be “fixed” or “treated” with cosmetic procedures like botox and fillers.

However, the notion that running can make a person’s face appear older is a little complicated, especially given that experts have recommended it may actually help improve skin. You can get to the bottom of it by speaking to a dermatologist.

Sun Damage

Did you know? Runners are much more likely to be harmed by sun damage. Several medical pieces of research have found that sun damage is accountable for up to 80 percent of the indications of aging — including lines, wrinkles, and sag. Also, most of the runners spend significant amounts of time outside. Sun damage can be restricted with sunscreen, and bouncy face sag is not real.

Keep in mind that the elements like wind and sun will certainly do some damage to your face. But, people do confuse running with long-distance running. When you step out for a run, you just put in a few miles, you’re not outside for 10+ miles and definitely not outside in the sun. You can also opt for night runs because it’s cooler and don’t have to stop for sunscreen.

It’s somewhat true that the facial area seemed to be the second big concern. 

Well, when it comes to aging, there is clearly not a whole lot we can do about the passing of time. However, when we are discussing skin aging, there are preventative measures that we can take to help keep it young. Running puts a particular amount of tension on our bodies as we age, especially on joints, so could it actually be aging your face and skin, too?

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