All You Need to Know About Runner’s High

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All you need to know about Runner’s High

We all have heard about the runner’s high – the euphoric feeling that takes over your whole body when you run long distances, haven’t we? Runners like to run, and they even feel good doing it!

Runners who are experienced get a sense of exhilaration that hits after a couple of miles. This high takes your endorphins to a whole another level that induces feelings of pain relief and pleasure. However, it’s actually more tangled than that.

So How do You Experience this So-called “Running High”?

It’s not so simple to come by. The precise cause of a runner’s high is still a bit unknown, but it’s so good that you feel like you could keep running for the next five miles.

Researchers and experts have recognized the fact that it has something to do with how the body—and brain, specifically—change during exercise.

Reportedly, But many newbies and seasoned runners alike are still waiting for that legendary euphoric moment to happen to them.

It’s the instant when you feel like you can run all the time with endless energy and that you are flapping, and your feet are hardly touching the ground.

Where Does a Runner’s High Come From?

Stay Focused

It’s very important for you not to lose focus. Keep a consistent pace that should be between 60 to 70 percent of your full speed. Also, you have to keep going. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling tired but not cramped up, it’s actually a positive sign. But, you need to push yourself just a little bit more until you’re around 45 minutes into your run. The moment you get through this hindrance, your body will appear lighter, your legs will stop burning, and that feeling of elation will settle in — aka the runner’s high.


Your upper body and your lower body need to be stretched, as it will make your body looser and lengthens your muscles, which will prepare you up for the long-distance ahead.

Wear Comfy Clothes

The right clothing for running can make a huge difference between an enjoyable run and an hour of complete misery. Proper running clothing can increase your motivation, improve your training performance, show your fashion sense, and give you a little confidence boost—all of which can increase your chances of success and more likely to go the distance required for a runner’s high.

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